Kylie Rae Bio, Family Life and Other Facts You Need To Know

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When you think of who probably has the hottest pictures on the internet, Kylie Rae should come to mind as one of the hottest most in-demand models with curves and feminine body physique that eyes have not seen until now.

Kylie has already made a name for herself on the social media as she delights her millions of followers with her one of a kind pictures and sometimes gladdens them even more with her near-naked shoots which typically gets her fans wanting to see more of what she has got.

Brief Bio

The model was born on July 14th, 1992 in Thousand Oaks, California, the United States of America to white parents. This makes her an American national while her ethnicity can be traced to Iceland. She belongs to a new generation of celebrities who came to prominence for cashing in on the myriad benefits of using the social media; particularly Instagram.

Kylie Rae’s Family Life

Kylie Rae has not disclosed the identity of her parents, neither has she done same for her siblings if she has any. It is also unknown what her childhood life was like in Thousand Oaks, California; what friends she made and the kind of person she was while growing up. All these information including her yet to be determined educational background (schools attended) and accomplishments add up to what is still missing in her profile.

However, it is expected and as it is typical of young celebrities, that she would disclose her most salient background information as she gets to grow bigger in her career. If she still chooses not to disclose such information, then her volition will have to be respected and she will be taken into account as one of such celebrities who prefer not to reveal their family and in-depth details about them.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Kylie

Full Name – Kylie Rae Hall

Zodiac Sign – Cancer; the sign of the crab, she was born on 14 July.

Relationship – This astonishing beauty is not bereft of love. She began a relationship with Mark Dohner in 2017 and the two have been together since then. There have been no major rumors of their relationship getting weaker. So it will be safe to assume that everything is fine between them. Her boyfriend is a YouTube and Instagram star who first gained fame as a Vine comedian. He has worked with fellow YouTube stars like and .

Career Beginning – Kylie’s career started when she was still a teenager. She posted some of her pictures on Instagram and got a couple of likes and shares. This grew into about two thousand followers within a short time and it wasn’t long before her number of followers bloated into the millions.

Instagram – Her Instagram handle is kylierae, and she has over 2.5 million dedicated followers on the account. Her posts and other activities on Instagram are all about photos and videos showing how she lives her personal life, her modeling poses and shoots.

Before Fame – Kylie Rae worked as a sales manager before her fame as a model and media personality. It was at this time that Kylie started getting significant attention on her Instagram photos.

Career Recognition – Despite being so young and having not been around for long, Kylie Rae has not been without some recognition as she has been profiled by Kaboom Magazine online publication. As her career grows, it is expected that she will garner some more recognition and possibly attain the zenith in the modeling industry.


Tattoos – this young model is remarkable for the tattoos on her left shoulders which came all the way down to just beneath her elbow. She has a couple of others but the one on her left shoulder is the most noticeable.

The tattoo appears complex yet highly detailed depicting a look of what seems to be the face of a woman, with different markings inscribed on the various sides of her face. The rest of the figure shows the hairs on her head with some other designs all around it down to her neck.

The meaning of this tattoo is yet to be revealed by Kylie, we bet when she does reveal what it is all about, it will be quite interesting to learn about it considering its point by point intricate nature.

Body Stats – we know Kylie today for the way her body looks and to which use she has put them. Being a model, she is an epitome of beauty to many women despite not being entirely perfect which she had admitted at a time.

Kylie’s height is 5 feet, 5 inches with a body weight given as 120 pounds or 54kg. Her breasts are size 32 with hips of 23 inches while her waist is size 34 inches.

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