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Lauren Parsekian may be an actress, but that is just a little part of who she is. She is also an activist, director, and filmmaker who has spent a lot of time fighting for causes such as bullying. She is mostly known for her film documentary, Finding Kind.

Lauren Parsekian’s Biography, Age

Lauren grew up in a household with two siblings. She was born on December 8, 1986. She drew her love for acting from her parents at a young age. Her mother is Debra Kelly, an actress that was popular in the 70s and 80s. She was in movies such as Prizzi’s Honor, 1985; Hot Resort, 1985; and CHiPs, 1997. Lauren’s father was a man named Thomas Parsekian. He was also involved in the Hot Resort movie with her mother in 1985. Mr. Parsekian was also part of some other movies such as Fame, 1982; and Club Life (1986).

Between them, Lauren, along with her siblings, Brooke Parsekian and Liam Parsekian, inherited an Armenian heritage. They all grew up in Orange County, California.

Lauren Parsekian attended middle school in Laguna Miguel. It was during her time here that she learned first hand how real bullying was. She was constantly bullied by other school girls, including her classmates and girls ahead of her in class. They would beat her up and throw things at her during lunch period, take her personal things from her locker, and tear up her assignment right before class. She couldn’t talk or fight her way out of it. She eventually suffered from depression and developed an eating disorder. It got so bad that at a point she even tried to take her own life.

These experiences would undoubtedly inform the path that Lauren’s life took when she became older.

Throughout this time, however, she did not lose her love for acting. She went on to study at Pepperdine University located in Malibu, California. At the end of her program, she graduated with a degree in filmmaking. This was in 2009.

Lauren’s first on film credit was her own film documentary Finding Kind, which she filmed with her friend from school Molly Stroud (now Molly Thompson). She and Molly backpacked across the country for two months filming the movie. It was produced by Shady Acres Entertainment in 2011. The documentary addressed both physical and psychological abuse suffered by girls at the hands of other females. Lauren is a big believer in girl power. Couple that with her disturbing middle school experiences, and it is easy to see why her anti-bullying campaign is largely specific to girl-on-girl bullying.

The documentary received a lot of positive responses from critics and fans alike. Its success naturally led to the launch of the “Kind Campaign” six months on. She again co-founded this movement with Molly. The campaign focused on spreading love and kindness among girls, essentially eliminating the reasons for them to fight or bully each other. The non-profit organization worked directly with schools to achieve this objective.

Following the release of Finding Kind, Lauren has also been involved in a few other acting roles. She was involved in the YouTube comedy NCIS: Special Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr. Phil and a syndicated version of 1981’s Entertainment Tonight. She has also appeared on popular TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2016); Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2014); Dr. Phil (2009); E! Live from The Red Carpet (2014); and Kind Campaign’s own Extra in 2014.

Lauren Parsekian is married to Aaron Paul

The activist is married to her long-time boyfriend, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. They got married on May 26, 2013. However, they were together for a long time before they got married. Lauren met Aaron at the Coachella Music festival several years before they tied the knot. He proposed to her at a party in Paris on December 31, 2011. In February 2018, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Story Annabelle.

Her husband’s acting career has definitely built up more steam than hers. Besides the huge success of the American drama series Breaking Bad, Aaron has also been involved in other big movies. He played the part of Jesse Pinkman in The Simpsons television series; Rick in Mission Impossible III; Tobey Marshall in Need for Speed; and Joshua in Exodus: Gods and Kings. He has also appeared on talk shows and comedy shows like Saturday Night Live.

Lauren Parseniak’s net worth

While her hubby, Aaron Paul is jumping from set to set and piling up his acting fortune, it turns out that Lauren is not doing too badly for herself either. Especially given the fact that next to her husband she has little to no movie credibility.

However, besides revenue from her filmmaking efforts, and acting endeavors, she has received also received several product endeavors. These have come together to put her net worth at a nice $8 million.

Quick Facts about Lauren Parsekian

Lauren and Aaron nearly got married on the first date

Lauren revealed that she and Aaron Paul hit it off so much that they nearly tied the knot on the first date. The couple made their way to Vegas where they took a taxi to The Little White Chapel. Unfortunately, it was closed. They even jokingly got a baby leather jacket, their first baby item in preparation for their first child.

She once raised $1.8 million at a Kind Campaign fundraiser

Aaron and her husband certainly know how to use what they have to get what they want. Like the time when they leveraged on Aaron’s increasing influence and popularity to raise a whopping $1.8 million at a fundraiser for Lauren’s Kind Campaign.

Lauren’s Kind Campaign does more than just talk

Beyond spreading their message of love and kindness by holding school tours and founders assemblies internationally, Kind Campaign is actively involved in helping to stem the tide of bullying in schools. The organization also provides online support for kids who have been victims of bullying in any shape or form.

Lauren Parsekian has three different ethnicities

Lauren’s paternal grandmother came to the US from Italy, while her paternal grandfather migrated from Armenia. Since Lauren’s mother, Debra Kelly is of Irish descent, that makes the actress cum activist Armenian, Italian and Irish all in one sweet little bundle

Lauren Parsekian’s height and body measurement

Parsekian is definitely easy on the eyes. She stands at a respectable height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m) and maintains a weight of around 66kg. She has light blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes. Lauren’s measurements – bust, waist, and hip size are not known.

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