Life and Death of Bon Scott – When and How Did He Die?

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Bon Scott did not live long, but still, he will always be talked about; both because of the way he lived and also how he died. He was a singer and songwriter who fronted for AC/DC for a few years before his unfortunate death in 1980. Bon was very much known for his partying lifestyle which he went on with until one night when the party all ended on him.

Life of Bon Scott

It was as Ronald Belford “Bon” Scott that the singer was born on 9 July 1946 in Forfar, Scotland. He was birthed as the second child of Isabelle Cunningham Mitchell and Charles Belford Scott. His older sibling was a boy who, unfortunately, did not live for a long time after his birth. He later had two other siblings a sister Valerie and another Graeme.

By 1952, Bon Scott’s family had left Scotland for Australia where he grew up in Melbourne and got his early education from Sunshine Primary School. Only 4 years later, the family was on the move again, this time around to Fremantle where the young Scott continued his education at North Fremantle Primary School and when he was done, he moved to John Curtin College of the Arts.

By the time he was 15, Bon Scott decided he had had enough of school after spending up to 9 months behind bars for giving false information to police and also for stealing and having unlawful carnal knowledge. At first, what he wanted was to join the Australian Army, he was rejected as he was considered socially maladjusted.

Inasmuch as he has not had the most straightforward early life, one thing that Bon has always had was a very good music sense. It was thanks to this that he started his own band in 1966, known as The Spektors for which he was the drummer as well as a lead singer occasionally.

The band soon evolved into The Valentines after it merged with another local band, Winstons. The band seemed to be on the right path musically, but it disbanded only in 1970 because of what was described as artistic differences. In the same year that The Valentines came to an end, Scott Joined Fraternity until 1973 and in 1974, he became a member of AC/DC with which he remained until he died.

As regards his personal life, he was briefly married to Irene Thornton, a woman he met in 1971 and walked the aisle in 1972. Two years later they walked their separate paths. There are speculations that he had two children with two different women sometime in 1975 or 76.

Bon Scott – When and How Did He Die?

True to the army when it rejected Bon, he seemed to be socially maladjusted, but that was the spirit that he used in transforming AC/DC as soon as he became a member. On one hand, there was the stress that came with constant touring with the band, and on another, he was a wild drinker.

He later considered leaving the group because apart from the stress, he was looking for a way to control his drinking and then he felt he was not getting the credit he deserved with the group.

1980, London. Again, Bon Scott found himself in his familiar act, partying wild as he continued to work on the group’s new album, Back in Black. On February 19, he was with friends at London’s Music Machine club where not out of character, he was said to have drunk too much and then he got into his friend’s car, Alistair Kinnear.

What his friends believed was that all the Highway to Hell singer needed was a rest, but when morning came, they realized he was already dead. The singer died on February 15, 1980, when he was only 33.


Controversies About His Death

Found covered in his vomit, it was believed that he was killed by the vomit after it traveled into his lungs and chocked him. That was only the official side of how Bon Scott died. Unofficially, there was the theory that he was probably murdered by his other bandmates probably as a way to rid him off.

The speculation was that rather than his vomit, it could be that it was fume that was channeled to the car that killed him because many believed that for someone as much of a drinker as Scott, there was hardly a way that such little drink could take him out.

The idea that Bon Scott was murdered did not seem plausible because he was also believed to be using heroin, on which he had overdosed on twice so it was thought that might be something that had contributed to his death if he mixed it with alcohol.

His body was flown back to Australia where he was buried.

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