Linda Pizzuti – Bio, Facts About Red Sox Co-Owner And John Henry’s Wife

Linda Pizzuti's Net Worth as of June 2024 is $4 Million

Quick Facts of Linda Pizzuti

Net Worth$4 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 6 in
Date of Birth1978

Linda Pizzuti is an all-around success story. She is an extraordinary businesswoman and real estate developer. In the last two decades, the industrious woman has gone from her early days in real estate development to owning and overseeing some of the biggest institutions in the Boston area and beyond.

Pizzuti was already self-made before she met her husband, billionaire business tycoon John W. Henry, the co-founder of the infamous sports management company, Fenway Sports Group. Fenway owns the multiple World Series winning MLB franchise, Boston Red Sox, and the historic Liverpool Football Club from the English Premier League. Pizzuti is also a shareholder in Fenway as well as a movie producer, Managing Director of The Boston Globe and much more.


Linda Pizzuti’s Bio

The American businesswoman was born on September 20, 1978, in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Her father, Don Pizzuti is an Italian immigrant who made a living as a real estate developer and as an Engineer. Her mother, Maria Pizzuti, was a homemaker.

For her education, Pizzuti attended Babson College where she obtained a bachelor’s degree. She subsequently went in for a Master’s in real estate development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was 26 at the time of her graduation.

Linda has three older sisters and growing up, their father taught them the ropes of the real estate business. During this period, they worked in their father’s agency. After her schooling, Linda helped to grow her father’s agency until personal endeavors and marriage pulled her away.

Linda Pizzuti met John Henry on the night of June 6, 2008. Henry was immediately taken with her but she refused his advances initially, partly because John W. Henry was twice her age and also because her parents were against the relationship. They finally gave their consent and she agreed to marry him. The couple tied the knot on Henry’s yacht in 2009 and the reception held at Fenway Park. It was attended by 400 invitees comprising of friends, family, and business associates.


She has two children with Henry – a daughter named Sienna Henry, and a son whose name has not been revealed; she also has a stepdaughter, Sara, from Henry’s last marriage with a woman named Peggy Sue. Pizzuti is Henry’s third marriage; before he was married to Peggy Sue, he was previously married to a woman named Mai Henry – his first wife.

To say that Linda Pizzuti has been a significant boost to Henry’s empire since their marriage is an understatement. For instance, she used her real estate experience and connections to help Fenway Sports Group to negotiate new land deals to help expand Anfield Stadium, the home of Liverpool football club.

Also, when John Henry purchased The Boston Globe back in 2013 for $70 million, he named Linda managing director. Initially, many were not happy with this decision and rightly so; for one, Linda didn’t have the qualifications on paper to fulfill her new role and they believed she did not get the position by merit. Her naysayers have since warmed up to her because of the commendable and transformative job she has done so far. Linda Pizzuti is also more involved in the newspaper than Henry.

She has also introduced two flagship festivals – GlobeDocs, a documentary film festival, and HUBweek, geared towards highlighting and celebrating cultural and industrial institutions in the Boston area. The businesswoman is also a founder of a few charities and startup investment funds serving the Boston area.

Facts about Red Sox Co-Owner And John Henry’s Wife

1. Henry Couldn’t Work Up The Nerve To Walk Up To Linda

Linda first met Henry at a bar where the daughter of fashion mogul, Alan Bilzerian was celebrating her birthday. John and his business partner, Tom Werner, were invited to the party and as soon as Henry spotted Linda, he was smitten with her. Still, he didn’t have the courage to walk up to her.

She noticed him staring at her throughout the party but tried to avoid eye contact. Linda didn’t follow sports at the time so she didn’t recognize him.

Henry finally approached her with the help of a friend. They didn’t keep in touch afterward though until they met again at an event. Pizzuti, who was in a relationship at the time, kept refusing his advances.

But soon she had to end her relationship because she wasn’t ready to settle down. Linda and Henry hung out after her break up and ultimately, grew closer.

2. Linda Pizzuti Waited Two Weeks To Reply To John’s Proposal

Besides her parent’s reservations, Linda was worried about the 29-year age gap between the two of them and the possible blow up in the tabloids.

Two weeks after her parents gave their consent, Henry popped the question in an elevator at the Four Seasons Hotel. However, Pizzuti didn’t give an answer right away. John had to wait two weeks before she finally said yes to him.

3. Linda Only Got An Ownership Stake In Fenway In 2017

While the businesswoman has been deeply invested in the firm’s success since her marriage to John Henry in 2009, she only got her own limited partner shares in 2017.

She bought over shares from Arthur Nicholas, a former partner, in many of the firm’s properties. These included Liverpool FC, Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park, Roush Racing, Fenway Sports Management, and NESN.

For the regional sports network, NESN, she executive produced NESN Clubhouse and NESN Next Producer in 2014 and 2015 respectively. These two series have been successful and have gone on to land Emmy nominations. Linda is also the brain behind Fenway Farms, a rooftop garden responsible for the majority of the food consumed at the EMC Club in Fenway Park.

She is also the first woman to have an ownership stake in the Red Sox since Jean Yawkey in 1976. Linda is knee deep in the running of the franchise, especially in the area of producing sports TV programming.


4. Pizzuti Is A Movie Producer

Besides her more corporate responsibilities, Linda Pizzuti loves movies and two of her favorite stars are  and . As a result, she has served as executive producer for a few movies; these include Luck Them (2013), and Wally’s Opening Day (2017). She also produced a documentary CodeGirl in 2015.

5. She Made A Bet With Henry’s Partner, Tom, At The Anfield Stadium

On the last day of the 2018/2019 football season in the English Premier League, Linda, clad in a dress and high-heeled shoes, came onto the pitch at Anfield with her husband and his partner, Tom Werner, to thank the Liverpool fans for a successful season.

While on the pitch, Tom asked her to try kicking the ball into the net. She refused because she wasn’t dressed for the challenge. However, she changed her mind after Tom promised to give $10,000 to any charity of her choice if she could make the shot. She scored the goal and Tom kept his word.

6. She Is One Of The Most Influential People In Boston

Because of her contribution to Boston, its people, and its institutions, Linda Pizzuti was rewarded with recognition on Boston Magazine’s list of “Most Influential Movers and Shakers” in 2018. She was on the list with other worthy names like Marty Walsh and Diane Hessan. However, she beat all of them to sit at the top of the list.

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