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He is gorgeous and handsome, and he’s got the vibes when it comes to acting. Lorenzo Richelmy is his name – the Italian actor who took Netflix by storm and enthralled his audience when he was cast as the titular character in the Netflix original series, Marco Polo. Beyond this, the man has appeared in various Italian shows and films.

Lorenzo Richelmy Biography

Born to Italian parents, Lorenzo was welcomed to earth on 25 March 1990 in La Spezia Italy and raised in Rome. His parents are both theatre actors so it is no surprise that he took the path of what he knows best – acting. He started acting at the age of 4 when he was cast alongside his mother who was then the main actress in a stage play. Although he played a minor role – he just got on stage and said, ‘here’s the chicken’ – it started him well off for his star future.

He started acting professionally at the age of 7 in the play, The Gran Sasso winks at Frejus by E. Victorians directed by Italo Spinelli but stopped three years down the line. The break was at his mother’s behest. Being a stage actress herself, she knew what her young son has probably not discovered, going by the fact that stage acting does not really pay much, she wanted something much better for him.

His passion for acting rose up again when he was 16 and he requested his mother to allow him to follow it up. She did but on the condition that he gets good grades in school. A typical mother you would say. Though he had not been a genius with books, his passion overrode his weakness and he sure made good grades. Vroom to professional acting.

He was admitted into Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italian National Film School. He started off a year earlier than usual and became the youngest student ever to be admitted to the school. Lorenzo acted in Italian TV shows as well as Kubrik—Una Storia Porno. Luck would smile on him when he was cast as Marco Polo, a famous explorer. It was the role that projected him into the limelight.

The producers of the series were looking for a suitable actor to play the role. After three years of diligent search with no good result, Lorenzo came into the picture. He heard about the project and thought he could do it. His director friend helped him with the audition and he was accepted. The fact that he was first an Italian, then open-minded and a traveller further made him the man for the role. He was offered the lead role in April 2014, while visiting the U.S. for the first time.

Being Italian, English was not a language he was too familiar with but his new role required that he speak the language and he was only too willing and ready to learn. Together with that, he learned kung-fu, horseback riding, and sword-fighting.

His other screen appearances include I liceali (2009), Borgia (2013), The Third Half (2013), Sotto Una Buona Stella (2014), Rainbow: A Private Affair (2017), La ragazza nella nebbia (2017).

Who’s His Wife, Is He Gay?

After he said in an interview that there would be total nudity but not frontal in the course of filming, many would have wondered if he is gay. While many male actors would get naked on set to get ratings, Lorenzo sees it differently. He sees his portrayals as a responsibility to tell the untold story of existing people and a commitment to showing that one’s reality can beat one’s best imagination even without CGI (Computer-generated imagery). Lorenzo has a straight sexual orientation and there are no substantial reasons to suspect otherwise.


He said he doesn’t like mean girls, that even a little bit of maliciousness would put him off. Honesty, easy going, easy with looks and self-assurance are some of the things that he likes about a girl. That left many wondering if there is actually a girl who had met those criteria. Like a girlfriend, huh? Yeah, right. He made us believe there is.

During the period of his shooting in 2014, he skyped with his girlfriend every day while filming around the world. He is in a relationship with actress, Margherita Laterza. She is known for her appearances in Italian language TV shows and films such as Don Matteo (2000), ll Nostro Ultimo (2015). They co-starred in the Italian-language movie, The Third Half (2013) which could mean that they met on set and kicked it off thereafter.

Richelmy’s Height and Body Measurements

The Marco Polo actor is not just good on set and stages but he also has a great body to complement his skills. He has a well-muscled body and great abs which he does not mind showing off on screen by going shirtless. He weighs 64 kg and stands 5′ 10″ (1.78 m) tall, however, the actual measurements of his body is not available.

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