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Maisie Williams is a multi-award winning British actress known for her explicit role in the Game of Throne series. She is a dancer, creative entrepreneur and a tech-inventor who popularly features in epic thrillers and sci-fi movies.

Her outstanding and well carried Arya Stark role in Game of Thrones is yet her most prominent and applauded act in the movie world. Her excellent interpretation of the character endeared her to fans across the world. It has also earned her a string of awards namely: Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor and the Portal Award for Best Supporting Actress – Television and Best Young Actor.

Maisie Williams Bio

“Maisie” as fondly called was born as Margaret Constance Williams on 15 April 1997 in Bristol, UK. The name Maisie came from a character in the British comic strip, The Perishers. Her mother, Hillary Pitt Frances, a former University Course Administrator, is the only parent the media has reported since the fame of the talented actress. She has three older siblings – James, Beth, and Ted. They grew up in Somerset where Maisie attended Clutton Primary School. She also attended Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton and later enrolled in Performing Arts in Bath Dance College. Soon, an opportunity to put her acting skill and training to action came in a huge package. The English actress made her professional acting debut in 2011 with the role of Arya Stark of Winterfell in the Game of Thrones. Other works of the actress are seen in movies and TV series like Robot Chicken, Cyberbully, Doctor Who and The Secret of Crickley Hall. 


Maisie Williams identifies with the Arya Stark character she played in the fantasy series. In reality, Maisie may not necessarily be the typical tomboy but is described as a bold, brave and confident personality. She has graced many red carpet occasions, flaunting her feminine side. Contrary to her tough and feisty role in the internationally followed series, Maisie loves dancing. She describes it as “her first love”. Beautiful Maisie is very familiar with ballet, musical theatre and does various dance styles. Adding to that, she loves gymnastics.

Maisie Williams who was named as one of the European films’ Shooting Stars by European Film Promotion believes she has grown up much on the Game of Throne series. In 2014, the young talented actress revealed that her experiences in the course of working on the project left her torn between two worlds. As a teenager, she spent a chunk of time working with adults and enjoying the perks that came with it. Meanwhile, she says she had to constantly remind herself that she wasn’t all gown by the way.

Further proof that Maisie has a huge head on her shoulder is the latest news of her new app invention. Currently making headlines is that the pretty Game of Throne star is set to launch a talent discovery mobile app called Daisie. The vision for the app is to offer a platform where creators can connect, establish professional relationships, like and exchange ideas; and ultimately collaborate on projects within the social network. Simply put, the Daisie app is expected to have a strictly professional undertone. It aims to create a genuine network of creative talents and opportunities therein.

The Daisie app was created by Maisie Williams and Dom Santry, a film producer. Its online and App store launch is scheduled for August 2018. Maisie may be one to look out for in entertainment business. As a prospect for the app, the actress intends to scout for talents for the Daisy Chain Production company which she co-founded with Bill Milner. Maisie was discovered at a tender age. Thus, she intends to make that privilege a reality for young and teenage talents who would patronize the app. More so, the women right’s advocate is optimistic that Daisie has the potential to curb the sexual harassment scandals across the movie world. Here, there will be a fair and square chance of showcasing skills and being discovered on a more dignified and professional basis.


Clocking out of the teen world, Maisie Williams does have a heartthrob Ollie Jackson. It appears the actress flows best with “normal people”. According to her recent reveals on social media, the couple went public with their relationship in 2017. They met at the University and have been dating since 2015. Their Instagram accounts ever since the big reveal have been riddled with both fun and red carpet moments.

Maisie Williams Net Worth

It has not yet been specified how much Williams rakes in per episode in the world’s most watched series. However, working on the epic blockbuster has contributed to the most part of her $3 million net worth.

Height, Feet, Body Measurements

Weight: 112.5 lbs(51 kg)

Height: 5 ft 1 inch (1.55 m)

Shoe size/Feet: Unknown

Body Measurements: 35-25-35 inches

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