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From the Argentine Primera Division to the English Premier League, Marcos Rojo’s footballing career has enjoyed a steady rise. The Argentine, like most professional footballers today began playing football from a young age. He started out playing for his local team Estudiantes de La Plata as a youth before advancing to the club’s senior team in 2008.

He joined the red devils in 2014 on a deal worth £16 million. Rojo’s football trophies have come to include an FA Cup title, an EFL Cup, 1 FA Community Shield as well as a UEFA Europa League trophy in 2017. Rojo was named in the squad to represent Argentina in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Follow us as we explore the details of Marcos Rojo’s personal life.

Marcos Rojo Wife and Girlfriend

Many of the world’s professional athletes are known for their escapades and the genetically-blessed Marcos Rojo is one of them. Though he is married and frequently touts being a family man on social media, Rojo has been entangled in a couple of dirty scandals. His wife is named Eugenia Lusardo. Born in 1991, she is a lingerie model. The couple has been married for a while and shares two kids together, both daughters. The youngest was born in November 2016

From her modeling photos found online, it is clear that Eugenia has got quite an attractive body, however, it appears Rojo was attracted to her due to other reasons besides her physical features. For one, Eugenia loves to watch football. We took a trip to her Twitter page where we discovered many of her football-related posts. A couple of times when Rojo was entangled in a controversial situation, Eugenia supported him.

An example is during the December 2014 premier league match Rojo’s side played against Stoke City. Though United won that match, there was a controversy as to who scored the winning goal.

The goal was counted in Juan Mata’s name, however, it was a controversial decision as many others thought that Rojo’s slight touch with his head was what produced the goal. In a bid to , Eugenia took to her Instagram page to post a photo that clearly showed Rojo’s head getting to the ball just before the goal. She captioned the photo “Nothing more to say! Haha, I love you.”

Since 2016, Rojo’s wife has become loudly silent on social media especially on . However, she does operate a where she boasts around 50 K followers and counting

Despite a couple of infidelity scandals that have rocked their union, Eugenia appears to remain loyal to her man. The first news of Rojo’s cheating to come to light was with fitness instructor Sarah Watson. According to reports, Rojo had met Watson during a United Christmas party after which he got sexual with her in his hotel room later that same night. Reports also include details that their by four of Rojo’s teammates.

Watson would later reveal that after their one-night stand, Rojo kept contacting him for a month, desperately requesting for another adventure. While at his plea, Rojo is said to have sent nude photos of himself to Watson including one of his cleanly-shaved manhood. Watson said she refused to get involved with him after noticing that he had a family.

Unfortunately, the x-rated photos would go public on a well-known Argentinian Twitter page with 150 K followers. The page is focused on posting about footballers and their dirty escapades. A clear proof that the nude photos were Rojo’s was his tattoo.


Rojo’s encounter with Watson culminated in a court battle which came after Watson said that she refused £100,000 which the star offered to her in exchange for her silence about their encounter. Rojo would later take an injunction to avoid newspapers from linking his name with the story and accused Watson of blackmail. The injunction was later lifted in May 2015 but media outlets were prohibited from posting Rojo’s photos. Rojo was also to pay Watson’s legal bill which went up to the tune of £50,000.

In another infidelity scandal, photos of Rojo kissing a certain 19-year old PR named Chabeli Trinidad Banchero surfaced in March 2016. However, his wife Eugenia seemed unfazed by the news as she took to Instagram about 2 months later to announcing that she was set to welcome another baby with her husband Rojo.

Height, Weight and Body Measurements

According to his stats page on , here are Rojo’s body measurements;

Height: 6 feet 1 inches 1.87 m

Weight: 80 kg

His other body measurements are not available online.

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