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Risk, Danger, Pain; these are not words that should ordinarily appeal to regular people. But the truth is, we are all wired differently. While the prospect of danger and risk dissuade most people from further action, for people like Matt Graham, it is exactly what they live for. Perhaps the rush of Adrenalin is the single most important motivation for his existence.

Matt Graham’s Bio

Matt was born in 1974 in Utah. At the very tender age of 7, his curiosity was aroused as he flipped through the pages of books that chronicled the lives of Native Americans. He was intrigued by the primitive tools they used and hoped to master their lifestyle. By the time he was 15, Matt was already developing an inclination for adventure and was training to become a rock climber and triathlete.

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He recalls in an interview how he fell in love with forest life during a family vacation spent at a family cabin in the mountains. He confesses to being bored by the modern societal lifestyle which is devoid of contact with nature, trees, animals and other elements of natural life. At 23, he was already setting records for covering 1700 miles crossing California crest in 58 days.

While in the woods, on his months of adventure, Matt uses his bow and arrow to hunt for deer, tracking down rabbits and squirrels with his primitive traps. He also enjoys wild greens, buffalo berries and pine nuts. For the feel of adventure, he goes fishing, using fishes as baits to catch some more fish.

While the career titles of others read Doctor, Politician, Computer Programmer, Matt Graham refers to himself as a primitive survival expert. I can bet you have never heard that before. But for a man who spends six months of the year in the wilderness exploring nature and the lives of dangerous animals, you may struggle to find a better job description for him.

Graham is a co-host of the Discovery Channel reality television show Dude, You’re Screwed. He also co-hosted the survival show Dual Survival for the latter part of season 4, season 5 and the beginning of 6. In 2016, Graham joined the cast of National Geographic Channel’s Live Free or Die.

Matt is skilled in rare kinds of spear use and is adept at using various weapons to survive. He is also skilled with the longbow, a pro at Judo, Do, TaeKwon, Wushu Kung fu, Jeet Kune Do and all kinds of primitive fighting skills you can think of. For a man who wanders about in the wild, you can be sure these range of skills will come in handy from time to time. Matt’s pain and adventure threshold must really be mind-boggling. If there was a known calibration, an upper limit of tolerance to pain, it will be fun to know where he lies on that scale. He runs 50 miles a day for breakfast over a period of 6 months, how is that even possible?

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Beyond the more primitive adventures, Matt actually has other facets of his professional life that look more appealing to the ordinary person. He is a part of the Ansari Outdoor Program, which is a therapy project for the newcomers. He is an instructor for the Canadian Cadets and the Young Marines and he frequently organizes many upscale training courses for those with interests in wild adventure.

Matt Graham is not all brawl and strength, he is the author of the book – Epic Survival where he writes about his survival experiences.

Is Matt Graham Married? Wife

It is really interesting to note that Matt has never been in any known relationship. No spouse, no children. This shouldn’t come as a surprise bearing in mind the kind of unconventional and risky life he has chosen to live. How many partners will cope with a man who lives in the forest for more than six months every year and embraces all known forms of dangerous adventure?

Matt Graham’s Net Worth

Perhaps the greatest achievement of Matt Graham is his ability to make good money from an uncommon passion and lifestyle. Matt earns a reported $200,000 yearly and his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $2 Million

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