Ally Sheedy – Biography and Net Worth, What Did James Franco Do To Her?

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Ally Sheedy is best known for her works as a top actress in the 80s, notably appearing in The Breakfast Club and St Elmo’s Fire. The American actress has toiled and created her own legacy in the City of Angels. She’s brought enough class and excellence to the screen to stand the test of time. So, here is a brief summary of the background and professional history of the iconic actress.

Ally Sheedy Biography

Alexandra Elizabeth Sheedy was born on the 13th of June, 1962 in New York City. Her mother, Charlotte is a writer and activist who was a prominent member of the civil right movements while her father worked as an advertising executive. Ally Sheedy grew up with two siblings, Patrick and Meghan.

Perhaps, due to the incompatible nature of activism and corporate responsibilities, the actress’ parents got divorced shortly after her 10th birthday. Despite her parents’ divorce, Ally Sheedy constantly pursued excellence.

Sheedy got her start as a dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre, joining the theatre at the impressive age of six. Her excellence continued well into her young adult life, and it saw her release the bestselling book, She Was Nice to Mice at the age of 12. She also graduated as one of the top students in her class from Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School.

Despite excelling at ballet dancing, Ally lost her passion for it and decided to pursue acting instead. She searched for local productions in her community and started appearing in stage plays. In New York City, talent scouts are always on the lookout for fresh acting talents in local productions and after a few appearances in a few plays, Ally got the call up to television productions. She starred in a number of television films in 1981.

This actress got her first feature film role in 1983, playing ‘s girlfriend in the acclaimed movie, Bad Boys. Ally Sheedy’s career took off shortly after and she appeared in several iconic films including Short Circuit, The Breakfast Club, War Games, and Maid to Order.

The 80s were her most active acting period but her most significant onscreen appearance came in 1998 when she starred with in High Art. The movie earned her a majority of her award plaques, including an award from the National Society of Film Critics.

During her semi-hiatus from acting in the 80s, she wrote another book, Yesterday I Saw the Sun. It was a collection of poems and it was released in 1991.

She returned to stage productions in 1999, becoming the first female to play the titular character in Hedwig and the Angry Inch; however, her performance was met with mixed reviews. Between 1999 till date, due to her insistence on not playing by the rules of Hollywood – an industry which attaches importance to the superficial and material, she’s featured intermittently in roles, which are mostly in television.

Her Net Worth

With over 40 films, 30 television show, and two books, Ally Sheedy has been able to accumulate a net worth of $6 million. Although her filmography doesn’t feature a lot of commercially successful projects due to her tendencies to choose independent projects, the volume of her work has made up for the lack of huge payday.

Ally Sheedy’s Relationships

Outside of her professional life as an actress, Ally Sheedy dated Richie Sambora in the 80s. Their time together reportedly got her addicted to drugs. Shortly after the relationship ended, Ally Sheedy spent some time in rehab and was treated for a sleeping pill addiction. The actress has expressed that the experience inspired her to take on her role in High Art.

Ally Sheedy also took another shot at dating with David Lansbury. The couple had a long and happy time together, leading to a marriage that produced a daughter. However, the marriage ended as the couple got divorced in May 2008. Since then, the actress has kept a relatively low profile when it comes to relationships.

Ally Sheedy is also a known advocate for the transgender community, an advocacy that was born when her daughter transitioned.


What Did James Franco Do To Ally Sheedy?

Ally Sheedy has made some controversial stances and one of the more prominent ones happened in January 2018 when she tweeted about and Mr. Robot star, Christian Slater with the #metoo tag.

The hashtag had been used to call out men for sexual assault and harassment. Ally’s tweets suggested James Franco had done something to her but she deleted the tweets shortly after and hasn’t made any clarification regarding the incident so far. For now, no one knows exactly what went down between the actress and James.

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