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Strong is beautiful and the Danish fitness model and social media phenom, Mia Sand, also known as MissMiaFit is a bold testament to that. She is redefining the way fitness and beauty had been viewed over the years. Mia has always been this big girl with curves and growing up, she saw herself as different from the other girls who seemingly had the perfect physique; smaller with the sought after zero sizes compared to her.

Rather than wallow in self-pity and settle to a lifestyle of comparison and dissatisfaction, Sand decided to defy the norms by setting her own pace and adopting her own image. She set to work to become who and what she wants to be and not what the society thinks she should be. She understood that people can only take from you what you allow, and as such, did not let others define what she can achieve.

Already a mother of one and way over 25 years, Mia Sand took to the gym. Through sheer hard work and commitment to her course, she has built not only an aesthetic physique but a strong one as well. She has successfully rebranded her looks and became popular thereby and is also a sponsored athlete and one of the most sorted faces in the industry. Moreover, she serves as an inspiration for young women and mothers. She dares them to be different and not be afraid to break the norm.

Mia Sand’s Bio

Mia Sand was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 11th day of October 1987. She was born under the sun sign of Libra which defines individuals known for being thoughtful and self-disciplined. They could also create a perfect balance between work and having fun. Details of her early life and educational background are not available.

Growing up, Sand discovered that unlike girls her age who are seemingly smaller, she is tall and has all the curves in the right places. Being that size zero was the in thing for most girls, she had trouble accepting her size. Tapping into her thoughtfulness, she took her eyes away from the scale and chose to focus on the mirror instead. She did not allow other’s perception of her to define her or what she can achieve. Mia was already a mother and over 25years of age when she decided to change the way she looked, for herself and no one else.

She formed a mental image of what she would want to look like and started working on it. To achieve her desired result, she joined a local gym where she started weight training. At first, it was just to lose weight but at the advice of an experienced trainer, Sand began to lift heavy to sculpt her muscles too. Beside her body goals, Mia Sand also learned that to get the changes she wants, she has to follow the long road as there is no shortcut to anywhere worth going. As a result, she went all in and gave it her best shot.

Mia Sand only set out to improve her body but has had more than she had expected in return. She has become popular for her unique and is also a sponsored athlete for brands such as FashionNova, bodyengineers, and Aldo shoes. By setting norm-defying goals and challenging the status quo of what beauty and being fit means, she achieved what she desired for herself. She inspires and encourages others especially young women and moms who are uncomfortable with the way their body looks to take the initiative and build their dream physique. Consequently, she has become a spokesperson for confidence and empowerment for women even without knowing it.

Mia has taken her message to social media where she is currently building an empire. She leads over 975k followers on Instagram and her workouts have been featured on several YouTube channels including Fitness Superstar, Big Booty TV, and Its Booty Thing.



Mia Sand had her first son named Sean in her early twenties but the child’s father is unknown. She is now married to Rune Jacobson whom she met through a Danish dating site. They are parents to their son, Norr who was born on the 20th of July 2018.


Far from the fat and depressed girl she was years ago, Mia Sand stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.71 m) and weighs between 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg). She sports a blonde hair with a beautiful pair of green blinkers.

Facts About The Fitness Model

She uses lip fillers and also has breast implants.

Mia Sand has achieved and maintains her aesthetically pleasing figure and strong physique by combining powerlifting with bodybuilding.

Sand does heavy compound exercises with low reps one week and complements it with isolation movements, with a rep range between10-12 the following week.

She doesn’t do cardio daily but shortens her rest between sets. This way, she keeps her heart pumping throughout the entire workout session.

Her favorite lifts include squats (the ultimate glute builder), bench press, and dips.

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