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Ever listened to a Maron 5 track and wonder who writes those incredible bass lines? Well, wonder no more, the group’s bass lines are the brainchild of none other than Mickey Madden. Madden has been part of the pop rock band since her formative years and has endured with them through the years.

He may not be as popular as the band’s lead vocalist , but there are still a lot of facts worth knowing about the bass guitarist. Let’s take you through his journey to fame and stardom with the Maroon 5 as we reveal some lesser-known facts about his personal life.

Mickey Madden Bio

On the 13th of May 1979 somewhere in Austin, Texas, the music star that would be Mickey Madden was born. His family would later relocate to Los Angeles where he attended Brentwood School. In high school, Madden became passionate about music and began playing the bass guitar. His love for music soon made him friends with fellow musicians and schoolmates Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael. In 1994, the boys added Ryan Dusick to form a rock band Kara Flowers named after a girl they all had a collective crush on.

Influenced by the works of Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, Kara Flowers began performing around Los Angeles. One fateful day while they played at a beach in Malibu, they attracted the attention of independent producer Tommy Allen. Allen would come to help them seal a recording contract with Reprise Records.

However, success was not instant for the boys as their debut album, The Fourth World released in 1997 was a huge failure. It managed to sell a mere 5,000 copies after which the label dropped them after just 6 months of signing the contract. Devastated, the boys considered disbanding but remained close friends.

High school ended and while Carmichael and Levine went to Long Island to attend Five Towns College, Madden and Dusick remained in LA and chose to attend UCLA. By 2001, the boys got together again and bringing on as their guitarist formed the rock band Maroon 5. Their debut album was a hit and the men have remained solid friends. Dusick who played the drums departed in 2006.

For years, Madden was a practicing vegan. He is an avid supporter of Farm Sanctuary, an animal protection organization.

Madden was in early 2016 arrested for cocaine possession alongside James Gubelmann, ‘s ex-boyfriend. However, after he agreed to a day of community service.


Family Life – Wife or Girlfriend

Mickey Madden is one of the quiet ones among the men that make up Maroon 5, a personality trait that makes him super comfortable playing a backup position as a bassist in the band. Madden is far from a tabloid fodder and as such, details of his personal life are not readily available for the public’s consumption.

Unlike his other bandmates Adam and Jesse Carmichael who take great pleasure in sharing details of their love life on social media, Madden would rather not. When it comes to his romantic life, mum is ever the word. Thus, as of this writing, it is unclear if Madden is in a relationship. One thing is for sure, he is still unmarried.

In times past, a couple of Mickey’s romantic relationships have made it to the media. The latest one known to the media is his two-year relationship with Niki Takesh. The name doesn’t ring a bell? Well, Niki is popular in the fashion world as a celebrity stylist.

She is some sort of Instagram star famed for designing her self-named eyewear brand and for influencing fashion trends. A-list names like , Kris Jenner, and . She appeared on the latter’s music video for “We Can’t Stop.” She has also appeared in other videos like Ed Fornieles “Pool Party” video for MOCAtv and had a small part in the 2015 comedy film, Midnight Sex Run. Niki seems to have the perfect charismatic personality to complement Madden’s quiet nature, too bad they broke up in 2015 after just two years of dating.

Madden briefly dated model and actress Hailey Gates in 2010 and was rumored to be involved with New Girl star, .

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