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Nickmercs is a popular American bodybuilder and professional gamer, as well as YouTuber. His love for video games started in the form of a plain childhood obsession; even then, he never saw it as something he could make a career out of someday. At a point in his life, he finally noticed how good he was at gaming and decided to join a group of other gamers in training. This eventually led him into setting up his own YouTube account in order to promote his gaming brand in 2011, the rest, however, is history. Below are things you should know about Nickmercs

Nickmercs Bio, Age

He was born on the 21st of November 1990 as Nick Kolcheff in Michigan, United States. He is an American of white heritage. There isn’t much information about his parents or siblings as he rarely talks about them. However, we know his dad to go by the name of Kelvin Kolcheff – a former high school football coach and current manager of Nickmercs. The identity of his mother, as well as his siblings, hasn’t been made privy to the media as of the time of this post. He had his high school education at City High School Michigan. After graduating from high school, he furthered his education by attending the University of Michigan where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Very little is known about the early childhood of Nick Kolcheff. He once revealed that as a kid, he was quite addicted to playing video games – something his dad detested at the time as he saw it as a form of limitation to Nickmercs academic potential. It got to a point where he smashed Nickmercs Xbox so as to stop him from playing but it only led to him leaving the house for a brief period. Eventually, his dad gave in to his passion by letting him chase his dreams up to the point of giving his consent for Nick to move to Lone Jack, Missouri to join a team of other enthusiastic gamers for practice.

His professional gaming career started on the 4th of December 2011 when he decided to set up his personal YouTube channel which he named NICKMERCS. He used it as a platform to post videos of him playing games on his YouTube channel but unfortunately, it didn’t reach the targeted number of the audience he intended. As a result of low success recorded on YouTube, he decided to set up an account on Twitch. Shortly after setting up his Twitch account, he broke a record for having the highest number of kills in a single FORTNITE Battle Royal Special – 56, which marked his grand entry into stardom. Shortly after that, he experienced a huge surge in his number of fan followers on Twitch and YouTube with him accumulating thousands of views in a single live stream.

Ever since becoming famous as a result of breaking the highest number of kills on FORTNITE, Nickmercs have been on a constant rise. In 2017, he broke a record for the most kills by a duo in the FORTNITE game with both him and his partner equaling 23 kills each, however, the identity of the partner is yet to be revealed.  Over the years, he’s amassed a total of over 1.5 million followers on Twitch and YouTube respectively.

His Net Worth

Talking about the net worth of Nickmercs can be a very tricky subject simply because there is no official document stating explicitly how much he earns as salary yearly or annually, as a result of this his net worth is always subject to speculation. Skyblade recorded his monthly earnings in September 2018 to be within the range of $29K-$46K. That being said, his current net worth is estimated to be at about $782,000, the bulk of which he has earned through his successful gaming career with over 150 FORTNITE tournament wins. He is also known to earn a really huge sum from his YouTube and twitch accounts.

Girlfriend or Wife, Is He Married?

Over the years, there have been lots of rumours clouding the relationship status of Nickmercs. While some claim he is married, others say he is single and is incapable of holding down a girl at this time of his gaming career. However, that isn’t entirely true as Nickmercs recently confirmed he is in a romantic relationship with a beautiful girl he calls Emumita Bonita. Although not much is known about their relationship, it’s evident that the pair is madly in love with each other judging from the number of pictures Nickmercs have of her on his Instagram, with him using several love captions and emojis to describe her.


Height and Body Measurements

When asked to describe a video game addict, there is this perception that tends to hint at either a tiny, slim, or chubby individual – nerdish, ugly, and shy, coupled with a person with social disorder which makes them turn to games as a means of escaping the harsh realities of their not so amazing life. A very harsh perception, which Nickmercs personality, as well as his physical appearance, rubbish totally.

That being said Nickmercs is 5 feet 11 inches tall coupled with a very muscular and sexy looking body which is only normal for one to expect given the amount of time he put in the gym daily. He also weighs 179lbs. As for his shoe size, it is still very much unknown. Nickmercs takes it a step forward by being not just sexy but also very handsome. With his pointed nose, pretty face, black hair and black eye colour coupled with his trademark boyish smile, he is definitely every ladies dream man. Too late ladies, he is Emumita’s.

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