Who is Anna Torv? Here are 5 Facts You Must Know About Her

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The ability of people from other nationalities to come to Hollywood and build a successful career is one of the things that make Hollywood, and by extension America, unique and great. Everywhere you look, the entertainment industry is filled with people from all over the world with different backgrounds and experience. As a result, it is commonplace to find actors from Australia, Singapore, China or South Africa in Hollywood – some find success and some do not. One foreign actress who has found success in the American entertainment industry is Anna Torv. The Australian beauty is best known for blowing us away in Fringe and dazzling us in .

Want to know more about the actress? Here are five interesting facts about Anna Torv.

Who is Anna Torv?

Before sharing some interesting facts about the actress, here is a quick introduction to who she is. Anna Torv is an Australian actress who was born in Melbourne, Victoria on the 7th of June 1979.

She committed herself to the pursuit of acting as a profession after graduating high school at Benowa State High School in 1996. She is among many Australian greats to have attended the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia. She graduated in 2001 with a degree in Performing Arts.

After graduation, Anna Torv spent some time in the theatre, playing Ophelia for the Bell Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet in 2003.

She made her onscreen debut in The Secret Life of Us starring as Nikki Martel. She has since starred in over 21 television and film projects. For her work, she has been nominated for 10 awards, winning 5 of them.

Five Interesting Facts About Anna Torv

1. She Is Estranged From Her Father

Unfortunately, our list of facts about the actress starts on a negative note. Whilst plenty of people all over the world have strained relationships with one or both of their parents, it is a dominant theme among members of the creative industry. Some artists have been able to dodge the curse and have thriving relationships with their parents but that is not the story of Anna Torv. At the age of 8, Anna became estranged from her father and that remains the case till date.

2. She Has Wealth On Speed Dial

Anna Torv, on her own, has been able to build a more than decent net worth. According to sources, she has a net worth of $6 million but regardless of how comfortable you are, there is still an assurance that comes from having an aunt who was married to a billionaire. That’s right, her aunt is Anna Murdoch Mann, who aside from being a former wife of Rupert Murdoch, is a published author of three books.

3. She’s A Voice Actress

Anna Torv has shown to the world how talented an actress she is from playing Olivia Dunham in the popular television show, Fringe. She still currently impresses viewers on Mindhunter as Doctor Wendy Carr. However, many don’t know that she is also a prolific voice actress.

Voice Acting is a completely different ball game to Screen Acting where you have the luxury of visual expressions to communicate your feelings and emotions. Many voice actors spend their entire lives honing their craft but Anna Torv, as a talented Aussie, has owned the few roles she’s gotten as a voice actress. She has recorded audio books Little Fingers, Jack’s Owl and Spike. She also voiced the character, Nariko in the Heavenly Sword video game.

4. She Is Single

Anna Torv is part of a revolution among actresses in Hollywood who are not letting themselves be defined by the men in their lives. Though she was briefly married to Mark Valley, a co-star on Fringe, she has been publicly single since their divorce in 2009. No record of a fiancee nor a boyfriend has surfaced since then. At this stage in life, Anna is letting her achievements as a person be satisfactory enough for a well-lived life.


5. Anna Torv Is A Theatre Buff

We mentioned earlier that she played Ophelia in Hamlet 2003. But before playing the Shakespeare character, Anna has been mesmerizing audiences in the theatre for a couple of years. She began appearing in the theatre in 1986 starting with the play, The Night Before Christmas. So far she has starred in over 15 plays.

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