Nienna Jade – Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements of The Fitness Model

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Nienna Jade naturally does not possess the height or general physique of most runway or magazine models. However, she decided to use that to her advantage and is currently one of the most celebrated Instagram fitness models. Jade is committed to a life of strict and healthy diets and appropriate workout schedules. This has helped her build muscle in all the right places and enhance her overall beauty.

However, she also knows how to have fun and live her life to the fullest. As of June 2019, the fitness model has garnered over 2.1 million followers and has enough drool-worthy pictures to keep them engaged. Her posts and Instagram stories also give a peek into some of the most important events of her modeling career.

Nienna Jade’s Bio (Age)

The fitness enthusiast was born on November 4, 1995, in Orange County, California. Nothing is known about her academic experience or the identity of her family members.

It is not clear if Nienna had always wanted to be a model. However, she had a life before modeling success came knocking. She has held a couple of responsibilities in her life before the fitness industry. Years prior, the Instagram fitness model used to work as a backup dancer. It is unclear how much time exactly she spent in that role. However, Jade did dance for some popular celebrities and singers. She also appeared in a few music videos. The model often traveled with various musicians and danced at various stops on their tours.

Besides her time as a dancer, Nienna Jade was also an event host, often anchoring events that were attended by both local and nationally recognized celebrities. She was already working out at the time and after she had done event hosting for a while, she decided to try out modeling.

When she started posting on her Instagram, the Californian bombshell never thought that it was something she would ever get to do full-time. However, it was not long before she started to pick up the pace on the platform and garner fans in their thousands. The big deal for her was that she became an inspiration and a serious motivation to many who were thinking of or had tried to maintain a fitness lifestyle.

The Instagram model believes there are many factors that contributed to her success as a model. The biggest contributor, she believes, is her contract with the fitness publication Fitness Gurls in 2017. Her deal with them helped to catapult her fame and following well into the seven-figure follower range on social media. Her contract saw her begin to work with the hundreds of other fitness ladies signed to the publication.

Nienna Jade loves to travel, and her work with Fitness Gurls has helped her fulfill that dream. In 2017, she traveled with the brand for a photo shoot in beautiful Jamaica, a trip she says left an indelible mark in her memory. During the trip, she got to shoot in the warm waters of Jamaica, try new local delicacies and go snorkeling. The traveler isn’t satisfied though and still has a few places she would like to visit such as Santorini Greece.

The model’s workout regimen mainly involves lifting heavy weights. Her schedule sees her work out five times a week while incorporating her diet. She has commented often on how she loves to focus mostly on her lower body during workouts. Nienna Jade says it is also where she has recorded the biggest returns from her bodybuilding and weight lifting efforts. This is why a lot of the pictures she posts seem to focus on her lower body.

Her Instagram is proof that the fitness model is also a dog lover. She frequently posts pictures of herself spending some quality time with her dogs. Nienna Jade has two dogs which she named Safara and Kenya.


Height and Other Body Measurements of Nienna Jade

As mentioned earlier, Jade is not the tallest of models. That is part of the reason she chose the fitness route and retrospectively, it looks like she made the right decision. The popular Instagram hottie’s height has not been verified. However, some sources state that she stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, which translates to 162.5 cm. Others say she is up to 5 feet 8 inches tall.

As for her body dimensions, the model has built herself a well-toned physique, thanks to her unrelenting determination to look her best. The model is said to have a bust size of 35 inches, a waist size of 24 inches, and a hip size of 37 inches.

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