Olivia Presti Biography – Everything You Need To Know

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The name Olivia Presti might not be familiar to a lot of people right now but with the kind of promising talent the young actress has started to display, it is very much guaranteed that in a few years time, her name will be the song on the lips of many. Olivia Presti is a Canadian actress who is determined to make a mark on the industry. Though still relatively young, Olivia has already decided on the career path she wants to follow and she very much has the support of her parents who have shown they will stand by their daughter on whatever career decision she takes.

Olivia Presti’s Biography

Olivia Presti was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on April 19, 2005. The young actress is based in her birth country where she is still receiving her formal education although her current educational background and qualifications are not known. Olivia’s other personal details including the identities of her parents and siblings aren’t known either.

The actress is currently combining her academic life with her acting career. As a young girl, managing such could be really difficult but with support from her parents and other family members, she has been able to successfully manage them. She is currently signed to Vanderwerff Talents and is open to quite a good number of options for herself.

Olive Presti currently resides in Canada but she dreams of moving down to the capital city of the entertainment, Hollywood, California. With just a couple of film roles under her belt, she is already commanding a significant amount of popularity.

Everything You Need To Know About Olivia Presti

Her Acting Career

Olivia made her TV debut when she was cast as Agent Oona in the American-Canadian TV series Odd Squad in 2016. The TV series was produced in Toronto, Canada and is considered a success. She appeared alongside other kid stars such as Isaac Kragten, Millie Davis, Sean Michael Kyer, Dalila Bela, and .

Her first film appearance was in the movie Odd Squad: The Movie. Olivia reprised her role as Agent Oona in the family comedy crime film in 2016. She later starred in only one episode of the TV show, Bajillionaires, being cast as Isabel. The TV show tells of how a young boy named Max Graham starts up a company in his parent’s garage alongside his two close friends. Bajillionaires was created by Derek Harvie.

The young Olivia Presti later starred in Creeped Out as Willow. She only made a single appearance in the British horror-fantasy series. The TV show is an enchanting, spellbinding and intriguing tale which is guaranteed to bring cold chills running through your veins.

Olivia Presti has also made an appearance on the TV show, Dino Dana. She starred in one episode of the TV program as herself. In 2018, she once again reprised her role as Agent Oona in the Odd Squad: World Turned Odd. The squad goes back in time to witness the last case of Ms. O as the squad celebrates her 100th anniversary. Things, however, didn’t go according to plan as they changed the future for the worse.

Her Parents Manage Her Social Media Accounts

In order not to expose the young Olivia to negative vices, her parents are in charge of her social media accounts. She has self-titled Instagram and Twitter accounts which have thousands of followers.

Olivia Presti Has Already Won An Award

Even at her young age, she has started receiving award nominations and she is already a recipient of an award. She won an award at the 2016 Joey Award for her performance as Agent Oona in Odd Squad.

She Plays Musical Instruments

The young actress can play musical instruments such as the piano and the guitar. Her ability to play these instruments makes her talent very versatile and her career options widely opened to various aspects of the entertainment industry.


What is Olivia Presti’s Net worth?

Even though she is still at the early stages of her career in show business, the actress is believed to have earned some income for herself. Aside from acting, the Toronto native has also earned quite a bit from endorsements, adverts, and commercials but her exact net worth has not yet been revealed.

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