Olivia Taylor Dudley – Biography, Husband, Body Measurements and Family

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As the wheel of entertainment keeps spinning and new creations birthed, new actors and actresses are sought to play the roles that aged men and women of Hollywood are too old to play. The desire for a fresh face, fresh actors to grace the screen opens the door for aspiring stars like Olivia Taylor Dudley to live their passion.

Olivia has been starring on The Magicians for over two seasons as Alice Quinn. If you would like to know more about the rising star, continue reading this piece.

Olivia Taylor Dudley Biography

As a rising star, at this moment in her career, there is currently no extensive information about Olivia Taylor Dudley’s childhood and background. All we know so far is that she was born on the 4th of November and in the year 1985 to Jim Dudley and his wife Saundra Dudley. There is no information regarding potential siblings. She is a California native, born in Morro Bay. There is also no information regarding her educational background.

While we do not know much about her personal background, her acting career tells a robust tale. Many people develop the interest in their chosen profession in various ways. For a lot of actors and actresses, they fall in love with acting because of the passion they have for it. Olivia Dudley is not an exception. She developed her interest in acting at the age of 5 after watching “The Poltergeist”. The interest stuck with her and at the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles.

Her career as an actress started in 2007 in The Anna Nicole Smith Story. She played a minor role as a dancer in the film. She followed it up with another appearance in Remembering Phil in 2008. Olivia Taylor Dudley hasn’t had as much success in feature films as she has in television. Despite having credits in 13 feature films, she is yet to secure a major role. Her prominent feature films include Chernobyl Diaries and Transcendence.

Whilst she played a lead role in Chernobyl Diaries, the film’s lack of popularity meant it had little impact on Olivia’s profile as an actress. A film that had an impact on her career, however, was The Vatican Tapes. Olivia Dudley appeared in the 2015 drama film about demonic possession as Angela Holmes who was possessed. Her performance in the film earned her positive reviews from The New York Times. She also appeared in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

She had her first television appearance in 2011 on the show, NCIS. Olivia Taylor Dudley guest starred on the episode titled Freedom. Her following television credit was in another police procedural, CSI: Miami. She had a recurring role on the show between 2011 and 2012 and appeared in three episodes.

Before she was cast and got her big break in The Magicians, Olivia Dudley’s television appearances continued in Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, The Mindy Project, Arrested Development, The Comedians, and a web series, Uproxx Video.

In 2015, the actress landed the main role (Alice Quinn) for the new television show, The Magicians. It was a show about the discovery of a magical world by Quentin Coldwater and the danger magic poses. Olivia Taylor’s character, Alice Quinn is a gifted magician who has magicians as parents but comes from a neglected home. Since she landed the role, she has appeared in over 30 of the show’s 39 episodes.

Her popularity has grown since she’s been appearing on the successful SyFy network show. She has been able to book and work on other projects like Aquarius and Curb Your Enthusiasm since she started appearing on the show.

Before Olivia Taylor Dudley became a professional actress with a busy schedule, she was a member of 5-second films, a film group that produced online comedy videos that are five seconds long.

Her Husband and Family

Olivia Taylor Dudley is currently not married but she was in a five-year relationship with Evan Glodell. The precise starting date of their relationship is unknown but their reported breakup was in 2016. She’s currently believed to be dating Elie Smolkin. The two have reportedly been in a relationship since 2017.


Body Measurements

One of Olivia’s defining features is her amazing body. The Magicians actress stands at 160 cm and weighs 55 kg. Her beautiful frame is accentuated with a waist that measures 26 inches, 38 inches breast size, and 36 inches hip size.

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