Onyx Kelly Age, Family, Education, Net Worth, Career

Quick Facts of Onyx Kelly

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
Height2 ft 11 in
Date of Birth28 April, 2020
ProfessionFamily Member

Onyx Kelly is a well-known child whose parents are Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea, two well-known rappers. The little kid has been famous since birth, and even at the age of one, he has a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram.

Onyx Kelly’s Bio

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On April 28, 2020, the celebrity child was born in Sydney, Australia. According to astronomy, his zodiac sign is Gemini. Onyx Kelly is the son of American rapper Jordan Terrell Carter, best known as Playboi Carti. Onyx is the son of rapper Playboi Carti and Australian musician Iggy Azalea. In truth, Onyx acquired his last name from his mother, rather than his father. Onyx is still very young, and there isn’t much information about him, but he is anticipated to live a happy life, according to his parents.

Onyx Kelly’s Childhood and Early Life

 The child stays with his mother because his parents are no longer together. The young kid is a gorgeous young guy with brown eyes and black hair. The star kid’s uncle is Mathias Kelly, and his aunt is Emerald Kelly. Onyx shares the same surname as his mother. His grandparents are Tanya and Brendan Kelly. In terms of schooling, the one-year-old child is still a baby and has not yet begun primary school.

Onyx Kelly’s Family

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Onyx Kelly was born to famous parents. His parents are well-known figures in the United States. They’re both professional rappers. They’ve had a successful singing career. His parents are well-known for their work. They have made Onyx Kelly famous. He received media attention as a result of his birth into this prominent marriage. Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti had a kid named Onyx Kelly. Brendan Kelly and Tanya Kelly are his paternal grandparents. Mathias Kelly is his aunt’s name, and Emerald Kelly is his uncle’s name. Onyx Kelly is adored by all of them. He is the pride and joy of his family. He is adored by both his family and his fans. As a result, his celebrity grew day by day.

Onyx Professional Career

Onyx does not have a professional career because he is only a one-year-old child. Iggy Azalea, who was born on June 7, 1990, is an Australian rapper whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly. At the age of 16, Azalea moved from Australia to the United States to pursue a career in music. Azalea became renowned after publishing music videos for her songs “Pussy” and “Two Times” on YouTube. His father, Jordan Terrell Carter, is an American rapper who goes by the stage name Playboi Carti and was born on September 13, 1996. He is recognized for his mysterious public demeanor, gothic clothing, and experimental artistic approach.

Onyx Kelly’s Education

Onyx Kelly is a one-year-old youngster who has yet to begin his schooling. His speech has yet to begin. His parents are looking forward to a great future for him. He is now enrolled in both Montessori and kindergarten. As a youngster, his parents took excellent care of him. He is a gifted and intelligent youngster. He is really quick to pick up new information.

Onyx Kelly’s Body Measurements: Height and weight

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Onyx Kelly’s physique dimensions are unknown on any of the internet sources due to his advanced age. His height is steadily increasing, and his actual height is unknown. His body weight fluctuates, and the precise outcome is unknown. Onyx Kelly’s parents have not revealed any personal information about their child’s measurements on any of the internet’s websites.

Onyx Kelly’s Net Worth

Onyx At this young age, Kelly is unable to earn his own money at this young age, so he might be considered to be “growing his own” through his parents’ source of income. His parents are well-known television and showbiz stars who make a good living from their jobs. The mother of the child has amassed a fortune of more than $2 million as a result of her musical career. Her albums include The New Classic (2014) and Work (2013), among others. The former model has a million-dollar property in California. The child’s father, on the other hand, is a well-known rapper with a net worth of over $5 million.

Onyx Kelly’s Social Media

There are no official social media accounts for Onyx Kelly. His photos are frequently published on his father and mother’s social media profiles. On his parents’ official social media sites, he may be seen having fun everywhere as a child. He isn’t on any of the major social media networks. When it comes to his parents’ social media profiles, they are highly active on their own pages. Onyx Kelly is frequently featured on their Instagram feeds. Their social media outlets have a large following.

Kelly’s father @playboicarti is active on social media. He has a huge number of followers on his Instagram handle, approximately 7.8 million. His mother @thenewclassic is also active posting on social media. She has 15.7m followers, which is a huge number.

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