Patrizia Reggiani Murder and Trial

Patrizia Reggiani's Net Worth as of May 2024 is $16 Million

Quick Facts of Patrizia Reggiani

Net Worth$16 Million
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of Birth2 December, 1948
ProfessionCelebrity Wife

Patrizia Reggiani is Maurizio Gucci’s ex-wife. She was an affluent Italian aristocrat and high fashion celebrity during the 1980s when she was married to Maurizio Gucci. In late 1998, she was found guilty of ordering her husband’s murder in a controversial trial extensively watched by the Italian public.

Patrizia Reggiani Bio

Patrizia Martinelli was born on December 2, 1948, in the northern Italian town of Vignola, Emilia-Romagna. Furthermore, she grew up in poverty and never met her biological father.

Patrizia Reggiani (source wikipedia)

When Patrizia was 12, her mother married Ferdinando Reggiani, a wealthy economic visionary who subsequently embraced Patrizia.

In 1970, Patrizia met Maurizio Gucci at a gathering, the primary benefactor of the illustrious Gucci-style house.

In addition, the pair married after two years and relocated to New York City.

Gucci’s father, Rodolfo Gucci, initially opposed the marriage, dismissing Patrizia as “an opportunist who has nothing on the top of the agenda except money.”

She had two daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, in 1976 and 1981, respectively. Furthermore, Patrizia and Maurizio returned to Milan in 1982.

Gucci told Patrizia he was going on a brief business trip to Florence in 1985, and the next day he sent a friend to inform her that he would not be coming back and that the marriage was over.


On March 27, 1995, a year after their divorce, Maurizio Gucci was shot and assassinated by hired gunmen beside his office as he arrived for work.

Patrizia wrote a single word in her diary the day he was killed: “paradeisos,” the Greek word for heaven.

Moreover, Patrizia was apprehended on January 31, 1997, and was accused of hiring the contract murderer who killed Gucci.

Mauricio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani

The preliminary drew a lot of media attention, and she was dubbed the “Dark Widow” by the press. In addition, according to examiners, Patrizia’s mental process was a mix of desire, cash, and hate for her ex.

They said she needed power over the Gucci inheritance to prevent her ex-husband from marrying Franchi.

Patrizia Reggiani Jail

Patrizia Reggiani was sentenced to 29 years in prison in 1998 for organizing the murder.

She subsequently requested that her conviction be overturned, claiming that her cerebrum illness had influenced her behavior.

In 2000, a Milan appeals court upheld the conviction but reduced the sentence to 26 years.

Moreover, Patrizia tried to end it all in 2000 by covering herself in a bedsheet, but she was discovered by jail monitoring.

Despite jail laws prohibiting pets, Patrizia’s genuine organization persuaded the authorities to allow her pet ferret to live with her in 2005.

In addition, she became eligible for parole through a work-release program in October 2011.

Patrizia Reggiani Film

The film House of Gucci (2021), directed by Ridley Scott and based on Patrizia Reggiani’s marriage and murder of her ex.

Moreover, the movie came out in November 2019.

Lady Gaga portrayed Patrizia Reggiani in the movie The House of Gucci (source Us Weekly)

In March 2021, Reggiani praised Lady Gaga’s portrayal in the film, admitting that she resembles her and expressing disappointment that Gaga did not meet with her before accepting the role.

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