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Patty Walters is not only a band member with Ben Bissington, Patrick Foley, Alistair Testo, and Andy Westhead, but is also the lead singer in the English boy band, ‘As It Is’. Patty is a US-UK based singer, songwriter, and media personality whose singing talent and YouTube videos made famous.

He is a popular face of the pop music genre in recent times, his ability to relate with his fans through his YouTube channel ‘Patrick Walters’ gained him even more fans across the world. He has been involved in at least three band albums and various singles; Walters has also featured in several songs and videos with other prestigious artists. To learn more about him, read his profile below.

Patty Walters’ Bio (Age)

He was born as Patty Walters on September 12, 1991, in Minnesota, USA, to his American parents whose names are not known to the media. He, alongside his family members, resided in America until he was five years old when his family relocated to the UK, which is where he is currently based. Walters spent most of his childhood in England alongside his sister, Rachel. He is a citizen of both the US and UK.

Unfortunately, there is very little information regarding Walters’ educational life, nonetheless, it is an established fact that he attended one of the universities in Birmingham, the particular one is, however, unknown.

Patty Walters’ musical career started when he uploaded his own version of Joshua Radin’s song ‘Winter’ to his YouTube channel which went viral and made him an instant internet sensation. He later went ahead on an intense search for musicians who would like to be part of a boy band. His search was successful as he was able to recruit his present band members – Patrick Foley, Alistair Testo, Ben Bissington, and Andy Westhead in 2012. The group formed the very popular UK pop-punk band, As It Is.

Walters had to stop vlogging on YouTube after the band began to gain more popularity in the UK, he marked the end of his vlogging days with his last YouTube video titled “A New Chapter” where he explained that he would no longer post on his YouTube channel and was going to focus solely on the band.

As time went on, the band continued to gather momentum and more fans as they performed in locals shows. The band dropped three singles titled ‘Two Track’, ‘Blenheim Place’ and ‘Blenheim Place Acoustic’ in 2012 and 2013. Due to how well they were received by the UK demography, the band started to tour across the country and was eventually signed to Fearless Records in October 2014. Patty Walters and his bandmates released their first studio album named ‘Never Happy, Ever After’ on April 21, 2015.

The band later released their second album titled ‘Okay’ on January 20, 2017, and their third titled ‘The Great Depression’ on August 10, 2018, after one of their members, Andy Westhead, had left the group due to personal issues.

The Musical Artist’s Sister

Patty Walters has a younger sister named Rachel Walters whose personal information are not yet available to the media. In 2017, Walters wrote a track dedicated to his sister titled ‘Hey Rachel’. On the track, Walters talks of the time when he wasn’t there for his sister while she battled depression and apologized to her.

Facts About Patty Walters

Who’s His Girlfriend?

Petty Walters is in a relationship with famous Vlogger Dottie Martin. The pair have been romantically involved since 2013, although they broke up in 2018 but later reunited that same year.


Controversies and music stars seem to go hand-in-hand and Walters has found himself in a couple. He once had a beef with Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig. The two had a back and forth on Twitter about mental health sometime in 2018. They later met at Vans Warped Tour where they had a conversation and settled their misunderstanding.

Social Media Presence

Petty Walters operates active social media accounts across all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; all of which are verified. He has over 184K followers on Twitter and over 243K followers on Instagram.

Petty Walters’ Net Worth

Patty Walters has no doubt made a lot of money from music, thanks to the success of his bands. However, the exact value of his wealth is yet to be determined but has been speculated to be in 6 figures.

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