Preston Arsement (Prestonplayz) – Bio, Age, Height, Relationships and Family

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Preston Arsement is one of those YouTubers who has managed to make a profession out of gaming. His known to post his games on of his YouTube channels, and PrestonPlayz and TBNRfrags, where he battles either solely or with other formidable opponents. No doubt, he isn’t the only popular gamer around, but his sheer skills in taking down some of the toughest ‘Black Ops’ and ‘COD’ at different levels making him one to watch.

More so, the hilarious ways he reacts in his videos without having to use cuss words is one of the attributes that set him apart from his counterparts. Now, he has been able to amass over 2 million subscribers on his TBNRfrags channel and over 7 million subscribers on his PrestonPlayz channel. Read on for interesting facts about him.

Preston Arsement (Prestonplayz) Bio, Age

Preston Arsement was born in Texas on the 4th of May, 1994. Though information about his parents in terms of their names or occupation is unknown, it is on record that Preston has two older brothers named, David and Daka. He also has a younger half-sister named, Keely and two younger half-brothers named, Caleb and Joshua. It is interesting to note that all his half-siblings are also gamers like himself. Growing up for him was a lot of fun as his family would usually take trips to witness a lot of sporting activities they happened to be a sport-oriented family. This, in turn, made Preston Arsement fantasize of a career in sports. But things would later change as gaming technology became more advanced.

Information about his general education is quite thin, but we know he was a student at the Travis Academy of Fine Arts. By the time Preston Arsement was fourteen year of age, he had acquired an IT-1 Certification and taught himself how to build computers.


Unlike most full-time gamers who started out knowing they wanted to play games professionally, Preston Arsement sort of dabbled into it without any major hope of making it a full-time job. In 2010 his new found love led him to create his very first YouTube channel named, ‘TBNRFrags.’ The channel was successful at showing off Preston’s uncanny skills online with games like “Black Ops”  and “Call of Duty. Soon enough his unique talents began gaining more notoriety which in turn saw the subscribers on his channel grow to over 1.5 million.

Having played “Call of Duty” for two years, he decided to try other games like “Far Cry” and “Castle Crashers” in 2012. In fact, he decided to create a totally new channel for the new games he began playing and he titled the channel, “PrestonPlayz.” On the new channel, he later switched from the new games he started with to playing “Minecraft,” a game which allowed him the extensive range and blends of great gaming skills and highly interesting commentary all through the gaming feed uploaded on his YouTube channel. In effect, the  “PrestonPlayz” channel has grown to over 7 million subscribers.

Relationships and Family

Preston Arsement is one of those guys that began dating at a very young age. His very first public relationship was with a fellow YouTube star named Paige in 2016. Interestingly, their relationship was short-lived as it ended abruptly in April 2016. Though Preston was heartbroken soon enough, he met another lady named Brianna Barnhart who would turn his life around romantically.

Brianna Barnhart who is a registered nurse and graduate of the Simmons College and Texas Christian University was introduced to him by his aunt and the pair instantly clicked. In 2017, both at the same age of 23, they began dating officially. The following year, on the 12th of May 2018, Preston and Brianna walked down the aisle in a beautifully orchestrated ceremony.

Though they are yet to have kids of their own, every now and then, the couple keeps fans updated on their romance on social media through the pictures they post.

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Prestonplayz Height and Body Structure

One thing Preston Arsement has never been worried about is his body structure or his looks as he scores well above average when it comes to this department. His boyish appearance is also one attribute that endears him to fans especially with the ladies. Plus given a height of 5 feet and 6 inches(1.70m), he is quite a tall man.

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