Prince Michael Jackson II – Bio, Mother, Age, Father, Where Is He Now?

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Pop music never comes to mind without the name Michael Jackson, he is the King of pop and not even death can end his reign. Before Michael’s sad demise, he had two children from his estranged wife, Debbie Rowe and another from an unknown woman believed to have been a surrogate. That child, Prince Michael Jackson II has been the subject of too many questions over the years, it is only fair we clear things up a bit about him. So, come with us…

Prince Michael Jackson II Age

As the third child of the Pop legend, Prince Michael Jackson II popularly known as Blanket was born on the 21st of February and in the year 2002. Records hold that his place of birth was at the Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Messa, near San Diego in Southern California.

For most people, this chap was spat out of his father’s mouth and his olive skin, dark brown eyes, and long brunette hair say it all.

Prince Michael Jackson II must have been having it rough in high school. In 2017, he requested that everyone refrain from addressing him by the famous sobriquet – Blanket. He claimed that the nickname had earned him several browbeats with bullies in school.

There’s a backstory to the Blanket nickname. The moniker was fondly used by the late pop star around his family and loved ones. He said it meant blessing and it was his own way of expressing his love and care for his close kins. Little wonder he conferred the name on his son. Anyway, this youngster now prefers to be called ‘Bigi’. This has been regarded as an attempt at having a normal childhood.

His Mother and Father

Prince Michael Jackson II’s birth story is quite intriguing and we like to imagine it all began when the Thriller hitmaker thought to himself; “Why don’t I make a clone of myself”. After consultations with Dr. Lila Schmidit (an IVF specialist), Jackson was convinced that this was something he wanted to do. Debbie Rowe the mother of his two other children was medically unfit for childbirth at the moment. Thus, Michael went deep undercover and found himself a pretty Latino nurse named Helena. He did the whole background check, evaluating her family history before settling for her.

It is said that Helena was in her 30s, slim, light in complexion, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and with long dark straight hair. Being a US citizen of Latino descent, she was simply perfect for the role. As the story goes, an unknown woman was offered $3,500 for her eggs and with Helena as the surrogate, Michael Jackson was set to welcome his baby. What did Helena get out of the deal? She was paid a handsome $20,000 for her services and as agreed, she disappeared after the deal was done.


Where Is He Now?

Bigi was only 7 when his father died in 2009. He had a hard time wrapping his head around what was going on and as such, his family withdrew him from the spotlight; giving him time to grow and cope with the loss without the intrusion of those invading his privacy.

His grandmother, Katherine Jackson shares joint custody of Prince Michael Jackson II and his siblings with their cousin, T.J Jackson. She ensured that Michael’s children were moved to a gated estate in Calabasas after his death. This Prince was previously homeschooled at the Neverland Ranch but is currently enrolled at Buckley School, Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles, California.

Will Prince Michael Jackson II follow his father’s path? Will he also make waves in music? We can hardly tell. The youngster is still growing up and it’s hard to determine at this point which path he would stroll. But we do know that Prince has a thing for martial arts and video games. He has already earned a black belt in karate.

Meanwhile, family members believe he has more potentials of becoming the next pop sensation among his siblings. Bigi’s singing and dancing skills are off the hook and amazingly similar to his father’s. A fan once caught him busting some dance moves backstage at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert in October 2011. Well, Michael’s children can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they desire. With over $33 million left for each of them by the pop legend, they can as well dance all day.

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