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Even as the world grows more tolerant and the gospel of diversity and social justice continues to spread across the world, especially in America, there are still groups who are battling systemic and economic oppression. An example is Native Americans, and even though some of them have tried to find a balance between their culture and modern American society by becoming a part of American institutions like Q’orianka Kilcher, they are still getting the short end of the stick.

In Q’orianka Kilcher’s case, a Quechua-Huachipaeri descent, she has embraced filmmaking through Hollywood but despite starring in a few movies, she is still contending with producers and directors who want to Americanise her before she is given roles. The reality of the implication of her heritage as also made Kilcher an activist.

Learn more about this beautiful actress and her journey so far by reading below.

Q’orianka Kilcher’s Biography

Her full name is Q’orianka Waira Qoiana Kilcher. She was born on February 11, 1990, in Schweigmatt, West Germany shortly before the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Her mother, Saskia Kilcher is a Swiss-German descent who married a Quechua-Huachipaeri man from Peru. Kilcher comes from a family of performance artists, at least among his siblings and extended family where both brothers of hers, Kainoa and XihuaruKilcher are both actors and stunt performers and she is related to the Grammy-nominated singer, Jewel.

After two years in Germany, Kilcher and her mother moved to Kapa’a, Hawaii. Q’orianka never grew up with her father but has maintained her connection to his heritage after falling in love with the culture while she grew up in Hawaii. She began dancing the hula at the age of five and got trained in Tahitian and West African dances, alongside ballet, hip-hop and other modern forms of dancing. She excelled as a dancer and it was capped up with winning Ballet Hawaii Young Choreographer award in 1997. Also, she was among those that competed in the International Tahitian Dance Competition in San Jose, California where she performed over fifty professional dances island wide.

In her first 10 years of life, Q’orianka Kilcher excellence as a dancer and singer was admirable. While she had several accolades to her name for the dancing, she also racked up accolades as a singer, becoming the first child to study classical voice at the University of Hawaii. At the age of six, Q’orianka was already getting booked as a featured singer and opening act for some of the best living musicians in Hawaii.

When the family eventually moved to California in 1999, the capital of performance art, she continued with her passion by dancing and singing on the streets of Santa Monica.

When she hit the age of nine, she got her first role as a child actress when she was cast by Ron Howard as Choire Who in his film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Her excellence as a singer continued in the second decade of her as she got a full scholarship to the music school where she studied important music elements like music theory, vocal performance, and songwriting.

Like her brothers, Q’orianka Kilcher is also an accomplished fighter with a Blackbelt in two fighting techniques and is a certified stunt performer.

When she got cast to play Pocahontas in The New World, she may have thought of it as just another role in her growing acting career but it turned out to be her break out role as the film got nominated for an Oscar with her in the leading role. She also got recognized for other awards from other award bodies.

Since The New World, she has starred in films like Princess Kaiulani, The People Speak, Shouting Secrets, Running Deer and Neverland. Q’orianka also has her own production company through which she has produced and starred in The Power of Few. It was released in 2006.

Outside of her performance art commitments, Kilcher is also an activist who frequently advocates for human rights and environmental activism. She has worked and spoken at many conferences for international organizations. She and her mother, who is also an activist were once arrested on charges of disorderly conduct when they both protested the President of Peru during his visit to America.

So far, she has starred in 22 films and television shows with a scheduled appearance as Inca Princess Kawillaka in a 2019 release of Dora the Explorer.

Net Worth

Q’orianka Kilcher runs a production company that has produced several documentaries and also runs as an activism vehicle. Combined with her appearances in films and non-actor roles as a stunt performer, she has been able to amass a net worth of $3 million.

Parents and Family

Kilcher hails from the family of Yule Kilcher, one of the early settlers in modern Alaska and a former member of the Alaska Senate. Her maternal grandfather was Ray Genet who was a known mountaineer. Her activism is also inspired by her mother, Saskia Kilcher who is a human rights activist. She has two siblings and they are stunt performers.


Height and Body Features

Q’orianka Kilcher is an extremely fit lady. Her physical attributes like her height of 5 feet and 3 and a half inches, 57 kg of weight with brown long hair and black eyes have combined to make her a gorgeous looking lady.

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