Quick Facts About Andrea La Thoma’s Life, Work and Marriage

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Some people gain fame as a result of their achievements while others become popular on the strength of their relationship with celebrities. Yet a third category rises to the spotlight as a result of a combination of the first and second factors. One person who definitely falls into this third category is Andrea La Thoma who first gained viral attention on Instagram. The American physiotherapist then consolidated her celebrity status when she became known as the partner of popular Hollywood actor, Grant Gustin.

Early Life and Career History

Andrea La Thoma was born on the 11th of July 1988 in Ohio. Her father, James, is American while her mother, Judy is Malaysian, specifically from the Kadazan ethnic group, Borneo Island, the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Asides her parents, the physical therapist-turned-Instagram star also has three siblings – two brothers, Christian and Jon and a sister named Louise.

A little digging into La Thoma’s background would reveal that she was athletically and academically gifted as a child. The media personality initially attended St Thomas Aquinas High School where she not only lettered in track but also played soccer. During her four years at the school, she received first-team ALL-Tri County as well as second-team All-Ohio Pick honors. She also set a school record for the most goals in a single game – six. 

Following her high school exploits, La Thoma proceeded to Kent State University, Ohio, for her college education. She spent three years at the school during which she compiled more impressive feats on the soccer field. The Ohio native also did not abandon her academics. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She also went ahead to completed a doctorate in Physical Therapy at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia.

Since leaving school, Andrea La Thoma has gone on to become an accomplished physical therapist and is now based in Sunnyvale, California. She has also tapped into the power of the internet to build her reputation. The Ohio native runs an Instagram account, @lathoma3, where she regularly shares workout videos and tips with her fitness enthusiast followers. She also encourages them to persevere using her catchphrase, DareToBeActive. La Thoma now has more than half a million followers on her Instagram accounts.

What We Know About Andrea La Thoma’s Marital Life 

Andrea La Thoma is one lady who is doing well in both her professional and love life. The physical therapist-cum-Instagram star is married to award-winning Hollywood actor, Grant Gustin. La Thoma and Gustin first met at a dinner party in December 2015. They immediately took a shine to each other and commenced a relationship by January of 2016. They subsequently got engaged in April 2016. LA Thoma and her beau are now husband and wife as they have since tied the knot. The couple’s nuptials took place in two stages. The first was a beautiful, symbolic, Kadazan ceremony held in Sabah in December 2017.  The couple wore traditional Kadazan outfits and received blessings from a Sherman as well as a medicine man.

Following the tribal ceremony, La Thoma and Gustin also legalized their union in a private ceremony held in Los Angeles on the 15th of December 2018. The wedding featured the couple’s family and closest friends. The guest list also featured several actors including RJ Brown, Melissa Benoist, Max Chucker, Chris Wood, and Ben Ross, etc. Since tying the knot, Andrea La Thoma and her husband have maintained a blissful union free from scandals and controversy. 

Who Is Her Husband, Grant Gustin?

Gustin is a native of Norfolk, Virginia and was born on the 14th of January 1990. He studied music theatre at Elon University, North Carolina, before going on to commence his career in 2010. He has since featured in several movies and TV series including The Flash.

In the superhero series, Gustin plays the titular role of Flash/Barry Allen, a forensic scientist who acquires superhuman speed after being struck by lightning in a freak accident. He subsequently utilizes his powers to fight crime. Since debuting, The Flash has consistently received high ratings and viewership. Gustin has also scored several awards for his excellent leading performance including the 2015 Saturn award for breakthrough performance. 

Quick Facts About The Instagram Star

1. Her sun sign is Cancer.

2. Like her siblings, Thoma’s favorite dish is any food prepared with shrimp paste.

3. She received a medical redshirt in her first year of college. This was due to a long term injury that she suffered in pre-season games. 

4. She is not the only athletically-gifted person in her family. Her sister, Louise, ran track while brother, Jon, played college football. 

5. The media personality is quite proud of her roots. She has a basic knowledge of Kadazan and Malay languages. She and her siblings also visit their motherland every few years so as not to lose touch with their heritage.

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