When Is ‘Den of Thieves’ Sequel Coming Out and Who Will Make The Cast? 

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Den of Thieves happened to be the box office hit no one really saw coming. The police and thief drama took about 13 years to reach the big screen because the initial studio in charge of making it went bankrupt and it had to be put on the back-burner. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a commercial success after it was finally released in January 2018. It brought in more than double its $30 million production budget at the global box office, grossing $80.5 million, so by most standards it qualified as a profitable venture. Still, the announcement that a Den of Thieves sequel had been greenlit came as a bit of a shocker.

Apparently, the powers that invested in the project wants to capitalize on its current success to churn out a Den of Thieves sequel or two while the fires are still hot. Seeing as the first movie ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, there is plenty of material for the sequel to run with and thrill audiences once again with a sizzling take of crime and action. Even though we weren’t expecting it to be made, we do have high hopes for the upcoming film.

When Is Den of Thieves’ Sequel Coming Out?

Fans of this intriguing heist thriller will be happy to know that Den of Thieves part two is already in development. The studio deal has already been sorted and Christian Gudegast the director swears the outline of the script has already been written, all that’s left is fleshing out the story. Once that is done, the script would have to be approved by investors, after which production can commence.

Den of Thieves sequel will be financed by Diamond Film Productions and distributed by STX worldwide, and a bunch of production companies will be collaborating to make the movie. At present, no tentative release date for the Den of Thieves sequel has been announced, but this information is expected to be communicated as soon as the film goes into production.

Like its predecessor, the Den of Thieves sequel will be inspired by true events that Gudegast has spent several years researching. The new movie is going to be set in Europe and filmed in places like Belgium, London, Côte d’Azur, Montenegro, and Marseilles amongst other locations.

Who Will Make The Cast?

Some of the major cast members from the first film will be returning to reprise their roles in the sequel. At the moment, it has been confirmed that Gerald Butler will be assuming the lead once again, and he will be joined by Alan Siegel, Tucker Tooley, , and Mark Canton. O’Shea Jackson Jr. might also be returning as part of the cast, but negotiations are still going on.

You can also expect some known and emerging European actors to make the cast, as well as a couple of professional fighters and athletes, who will be brought in to lend an authentic feel to the movie.

The Plotline of Den of Thieves’ Sequel

The storyline for the Den of Thieves sequel is going to revolve around the Pink Panther mafia and a dangerous group of diamond thieves, who get involved in one of the most audacious heists in history – the Antwerp diamond exchange of 2003. Another subplot will likely take on Nick O’Brien’s personal life, and help tie the loose ends in the narrative left by the earlier film. Gudegast promises there will be surprising and interesting twists in the movie. According to him, the Den of Thieves sequel will also take a lighter and more fun tone than its gritty original.

The sequel will explore what happens when the lines between right and wrong get blurred, and what it does to the people standing on either side. How do they make sense of their situation and try to come to terms with who they really are as opposed to who they think they are? When the hunters become the hunted, where do they run to? These are just some of the questions that the upcoming film will attempt to answer and expand upon. Get ready to go on a suspense-filled crime adventure, where the action never loses its heat and the stakes are always too high.

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