Rachel McAdams Movies And TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

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Rachel McAdams is a multi-award-winning Canadian actress who thrills her fans with almost every film appearance she has made so far. The stunning actress is smart and accurate when it comes to playing out her character and her charm cannot be ignored as it is one of the factors that make her loved by many. In fact, Rachel McAdams movies are some of the most sought after by movie lovers.

Although there are different views when it comes to deciding on a good movie, there is one sure thing we can agree on and that is the fact that Rachel McAdams is an actress who everyone loves to watch. Based on the ratings by viewers and recognized film critics, we have been able to come up with 10 of her most popular movies. Find out the Rachel McAdams movies in which she fully executed her roles and the ones that didn’t see much of her skills below.

10 Rachel Mcadams Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Midnight in Paris

This film is regarded as one of Rachel McAdams movies which is a masterpiece on-screen, as well as a breakthrough for its director and writer,. Midnight in Paris tells the love story of screenwriter Gil Pender which was depicted by and his materialistic girlfriend Inez portrayed by, Rachel McAdams. The pair seemed to tear apart by the day as their different goals took its toll on the relationship. Midnight in Paris was also ranked as a high grossing movie in which McAdams has featured in.

It had a budget of $17 million but went on to make a whopping $151.7 million at the box office. The movie won several awards from film associations like the Academy Awards, Alliance of Women Film Journalists Award, British Fantasy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, amongst many others. Rachel McAdams also got two nominations which include a Satellite Award nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.

2. Sherlock Holmes

The movie Sherlock Holmes is a 2009 production that was directed by . The film was praised for its context structure as well as character performances, one of which was the character depicted by Rachel McAdams. In the movie, Detective Sherlock Holmes, alongside his colleague Dr. Watson, hunts down Lord Blackwood the Murderer that had wrecked London. Blackwood’s involvement in dark art dragged the two detectives into a mystic world.

McAdams who played the role of Irene Adler was a seductive mistress who through her charms is able to manipulate people and situations. She seeks Sherlock’s help and outsmarts him on two different occasions. The actress landed a Teen Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action film, as well as a nomination for Best Supporting Actress from Saturn Awards. Sherlock Holmes is also a box office success as the movie whose estimated budget was $62.4 million, grossed a total of $524 million.

3. The Notebook

The Notebook is a romantic movie that brings back the past era to modern times. It confirmed the great talent that Rachel McAdams and her co-star, actor possesses. The combo played out their unique roles to the very best of the storyline, making a path for themselves to stardom.

The multi-award-winning movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes who beautifully put together the romantic movie about 2 lovers, Noah Calhoun – played by Ryan Gosling and Alison – played by Rachel McAdams. Their love affair in the movie was almost snuffed out by Alison’s wealthy parents. It is worth knowing that the chemistry between the young couple made the movie what it is today.

Moreso, The Notebook has fetched both Gosling and McAdams numerous awards including Teens Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Golden Satellite Awards, and many nominations. The movie recorded a gross total of $115,603,229, ranking at No. 15 in the highest-grossing romantic drama.

4. Wedding Crashers

This 2005 movie exhibits romance and comedy, well-delivered by its casts who portrayed their roles perfectly. Apart from the Canadian actress, Wedding Crashers also had talented actors like and Owen Wilson. The duo played out the role of two mischievous friends who always got away with having flings with bridesmaids. However, Owen’s character John ended up falling in love with a bridesmaid named Claire – played by Rachel McAdams.

Among the best Rachel McAdams movies, many critics rated the Wedding Crashers as fun to watch and love the combination, as well as the input of the casts throughout the film. It was no surprise that it became a hit movie as soon as it was released, climbing up to number 2 on the U.S Box Office. Also, with a budget of about $40 million, the movie fetched about $285,176,741 at the box office and it ranks as one of the highest-grossing movies Rechal McAdams had been seen in.

5. Mean Girls

Rachel McAdams’s Mean Girls won the heart of many, including critics who were amazed at the acting stunts played out by the stars in the movie. It starred the likes of, Tim Meadows, , and other brilliant actors. The storyline follows a homeschooled teenager who relocates from Africa to Illinois, the United States. She eventually comes to terms with the parole of her public school after making up her mind to belong to one of the cool cliques.

Rachel McAdams played the gang leader of the said clique and her bitchy role made the film live up to its name. McAdams earned an award from MTV Movie Awards for Breakthrough Female. It is also known that on the weekend of the film’s release, it topped the charts, taking the 1st position on the US Box Office Chart. It eventually grossed a comfortable $129 million against its $7 million budget.

6. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

A sequel of Sherlock Holmes, this movie also featured Racheal McAdams as Irene Adler. The movie had the right cast, scenes, as well as a good blend of dark art, action and bleak suspense. The movie follows Sherlock Holmes and 2 other colleagues who try to track down and stop the murderer of the crown prince of Austria before he causes more Havoc. However, in comparison to the first one, it is not considered by critics as McAdams’ best form of acting. But in spite of that fact, the film was a box office success as it grossed a total of $543.4 million. It was even listed on the 12th position among the highest-grossing films in 2011.

7. State of Play

The State of Play is listed as one of the many action thrillers on the collection of Rachel McAdams movies. The movie follows Stephen Collins (portrayed by ) who is anticipated to be the next nominee of his party but ends up losing his assistant and lover to a cold murder. This eventually leads to series of investigations carried out by Collins, alongside reporter Cal McAffrey played by and his colleague – Della Frye whose role was depicted by Rachel McAdams. The duo delved into what turns out to be a conspiracy involving the nation’s political icons.

The makers of the film had very high hopes for it to succeed at the box office. However the audience did not seem to buy in the movie and on the whole, it does not rank among the best Rachel McAdams movies. It managed to gross a total of $87 million compared to its budget of $60 million.

8. Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a 2010 American movie directed by Roger Michell, with well-known faces on its cast and Rachel McAdams is one of them. It combines romance and comedy in an official setting. The storyline follows Becky Fuller, the manager of a TV show – played by Rachel McAdams, who hints her subordinates on going outside the box to improve on the show. Becky is caught up in a complicated turn of events that would affect her relationship, the Morning Show, and her treasured job.

However, critics were not very pleased with the film which many criticized. The total earnings from the movie also pointed out that even the audience was not impressed with it. It is also considered as one of the worst of Rachel McAdams movies and it barely made $60 million at the box office on a budget of $40 million.

9. Aloha

A 2015 romantic comedy, Aloha which had Cameron Crowe as its director and producer cast Rachel McAdams as the former love interest of actor . The duo who initially parted ways in the past met after several years and by then, one of them was married. The movie received a lot of criticism and it eventually fell among the list of McAdams worst film appearances. Moreso, it did not have impressive box office figures as it could only make about $26 million on a budget that is estimated to be between $37 million to $52 million.

10. Married Life

Rachel McAdams starred in the 2008 thriller movie Married Life, alongside Chris Cooper. It was directed by Ira Sachs with a story adapted from the novel ‘Five Roundabouts to Heaven’. The storyline follows Harry Allen – a married man who was having an affair with a beautiful lady named Kay Nesbitt who happened to be McAdams. Harry later told his friend, Richard Langley – played by about his affair. Harry even poisons his wife as he did not want to put her through the whole ordeal of divorce proceedings. Things become even more complicated when Richard developed an interest in his mistress.

With exception to the fact that the movie had great film personalities, there was no other impressive aspect to it. Married Life was far from being McAdams best film and at the box office, it was a disaster as it grossed a little above $2 million in comparison to its $12 million budget.

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