Ranae Shrider – Biography, Celebrity Facts, Is She Dating Anyone?

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Ranae Shrider is an American model and actress who has appeared in a number of film and television projects such as New Girl, Heatherbrained!, Pretend Time, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Although she has only managed to land minor and supporting roles, she is very well known in Hollywood and beyond, particularly for her highly publicized relationship with the late actor .

While he was alive, Verne was one of the shortest men in the world, as well as the shortest actor in Hollywood, standing at only 2 feet and 8 inches. Despite his dwarfism, or perhaps because of it, Verne was able to land roles as an actor and he is best known for featuring in Baby’s Day Out, Men In Black, Dunston Checks In, Goldmember, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Mini-Me.

Ranae Shrider – Biography

Ranae Shrider was born on September 22, 1985, in Kentucky. She is of white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Very little is known about her family or early life, including where she attended high school. However, she always had a dream of becoming an actress and carried that desire with her from childhood into adulthood. After she turned 21, she relocated from her hometown to Los Angeles in the hopes of realizing her dreams.

Things did not fall into place very easily for her, as the acting industry is saturated with wannabes just like herself who were struggling for the same opportunities, so Ranae had to take up a job at a fast food place as a waitress in order to pay her bills and stay afloat. She was also able to land a few modelling gigs along the way. Despite her efforts and the few acting roles she managed to land, Ranae didn’t really come into the spotlight until her affair with Verne began.

The popular American actor suffered from dwarfism and Ranae who was 5 feet and 6 inches tall was much taller than him, but they managed to make it work for a while. The pair met in 2007, at a party organized by the late Playboy magazine owner to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They began talking, and when Verne asked for her number, she gave it to him just to joke around, but then he called her later and she decided to give him a shot. They began dating and even rented an apartment together barely a month into their relationship, but then, things began to get ugly.

Ranae claimed that the late actor was a self-obsessed man who sat around all day googling himself and ordering her around like she was his slave and he never said “thanks” to her for anything she did for him. According to her, he was mean and foul, especially when he drank and he was a raging alcoholic. She also claimed that he was stingy and cheap, stating that he once gifted her “diamonds” which turned out be jewellery he had gotten from an arcade machine. After a private tape that Verne made of them engaging in sexual relations was leaked online, Ranae decided she had tolerated enough and called it quits with the Austin Powers actor.

Is She Dating Anyone?

Ranae Shrider is not dating anyone at the moment because she is a happily married woman. She has not made her husband’s identity known to the public, except when she addresses herself as Ranae Shepherd, suggesting that Shepherd is her hubby’s last name. The actress met her spouse in church sometime in 2011, and they developed a friendship which later blossomed into love. Two years later, they were walking down the altar and exchanging vows.

The actress and her mystery beau now work at the CityLight Church, where they worship. Ranae stated they spend more than 60 hours every week working at the church and she has equally given up on her acting career in favour of serving the lord.

Celebrity Facts

1. The actress became famous after she began dating Verne and her popularity escalated after a sex tape of the two of them leaked on the internet. Ranae Shrider became known to more people within and outside the industry and her career was given a boost.

2. She went on to score a couple of movie and television features and was even able to establish a side career as a director.

3. Among other things, Ranae divulged that she never enjoyed the sexual part of her relationship with Verne. She said she only wanted to be his girlfriend without being sexually involved but the man wouldn’t have it.

4. In spite of her grievances against Verne Troyer, she offered her condolences to his family after he passed away on April 21, 2018.

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