Robyn Hilton Bio, Measurements, Where Is She Now, Is She Dead?

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To many people, Hollywood is an attractive world from the outside. The flexibility in work hours. The fame. The glamour. The money. The fans. It is the deification of a human being in a way that satisfies the natural narcissistic tendencies of the average person. Those who manage to cross the barrier and step into the fray have had different opinions. Some find it is what they truly want and fight every day to stay in the industry, some others discover otherwise and simply bow out. They want something else, a quiet life away from the public eye. Robyn Hilton made that decision for herself in 1985; she was a known name among Hollywood fans in the 1960s through to the 80s but opted out when it all became too much to handle.

Robyn Hilton’s Biography

Robyn might be a septuagenarian now, living in her private home in Sonoma County in California, but at a time in her life, she was the toast of many young men across America, who had a crush on her. Born Robyn J. Molyneux to Mormon parents on July 13, 1944, the actress was pure farm girl, raised on a farm near Twin Falls in Idaho.

A childhood spent tending to cows and horses did not keep Hilton away from getting a formal education. She attended and graduated from Jerome High School in 1958 and went on to Boise Junior College. After completing her two years at Boise, she moved to Utah State University where she completed and earned her Bachelor’s degree.

Before she became the face of the fantasies of millions of young boys all over the country, Robyn got her first media job in her hometown after graduation as a weather forecaster.  Not satisfied being the bimbo placed in front of the camera to make the boring topic of weather forecasting watchable to viewers, Robyn pursued acting and got her first credited acting gig in 1964. She starred in My Tale is Hot and Kiss Me Quick, in minor roles.

After her debut appearances on screen in 1964, Robyn did not appear in any film or television show of note until 10 years later. The wait was worth it for Robyn Hilton, who played a supporting role in the 1974 hit film, Blazing Saddles. The film grossed $119.5 million on a $2.9 million budget. In the film, Robyn played the governor’s secretary, Miss Stein. In the same year, she starred in other projects like The Single Girls and The Last Porno Flick. They were however not as successful as Blazing Saddles.

Before she retired from acting in 1985, she starred in other projects like Video Vixens, Malibu Express, and some television shows. Other than acting, Robyn Hilton is also known as a popular model. As a young woman, she was very attractive and commanded a lot of attention which she put to good use starting from the age of 20. Robyn started posing nude for several publications, most commonly M.O.R.E Publications where she featured in their glossy pages the most. She featured in the popular erotic magazines like Playboy twice, but surprisingly she was clothed in both features.

Where is She Now, Is she Dead?

After her debut in acting in 1964, which was followed by a decade-long hiatus from appearing in regular films, Robyn appeared in adult films, making six adult films between 1975 and 1977. Ultimately, she retired both from modeling and acting in 1985 and retreated from public life. Since she retreated from public life in 1985, much hasn’t been heard from Robyn, with the last major news about her being her marriage and eventual divorce from Alan Mihoces. It is believed she lives in Sonoma County enjoying the spoils of her young days.

While the highlight of her public life was in front of the cameras for magazines and films, she led a publicized personal life too. Robyn was married twice, first to William Hilton in September 1961. The marriage lasted for seven years before an amicable divorce in 1968. The actress stayed away from marriage for a long time during which she was a prominent sex symbol in the industry. She, however, got married for the second time in 1990 to Alan Mihoces and the marriage also ended in a divorce. She has two children from her marriage from William Hilton.

Although she is old, Robyn Hilton is not yet dead. She is an old woman and with a combination of modern medicine and a stress-free life, she has remained healthy.


Robyn Hilton’s Body Measurements

Robyn Hilton may no longer possess the fiery body that made her the last thing thousands of boys saw in their head every night before bed in the 60s and 70s, but as a young woman, she had a body that made the mouth water.

As an actress and model, she had an hourglass-shaped body measuring 37-25-37 inches. Her height is 5 feet and 10 inches and she weighs 60 kg.

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