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Often times we’ve seen mildly popular people gain a higher level of prominence as a result of their union with a more known figure and that is the case for Rosalind Ross. Hitherto, she was just an averagely popular athlete, however, her romantic relationship with Hollywood veteran threw her further into the limelight. In the wake of her romance with the ace actor, there has been an increasing level of interest in her professional and private life. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Ross in the paragraphs below.

Rosalind Ross Bio and Profile

Like celebrities of her sort, not a lot of personal details about Rosalind Ross is publicly available, however, it has been an established fact that she was born in the state of California, USA on the 5th day of July 1990. She attended and graduated from Palo Alto High School before proceeding to attend Emerson College to study creative writing with a focus on screenwriting. Subsequently, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and later took classes at the NEO A&M College.

From a very early age, Rosalind Ross took a liking for horseback riding and subsequently began training as an equestrian vaulter which simply means performing some sort of acrobatics on a horse’s back. By the age of 9, Ross was already competing at the sports and in a short time, she became an expert.

She has become well-decorated in the sports with a lot of accolades to her name. She participated in the 2004 World Vaulting Championship where she won a bronze medal. Thanks to that medal, Ross earned a berth on the Mount Eden Vaulting Club. She stayed with the club for a couple of years before leaving in 2006 to join the FAME team. With her new team, she competed in the 2006 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games where she earned a gold medal.

Fast forward to 2014 and Rosalind Ross decided it was time to give vaulting a break and try her hands at other things. Her next interest was writing, which is something she actually went to school to learn. Ross has her change in career to thank for her popularity as it was writing that got her to cross paths with the famous Mel Gibson. As the story goes, she was hired by his production company to co-write a script.

Rosalind Ross has so far been very accomplished at writing as she was at vaulting. She penned the script of one of the episodes of the TV series Matador. Together with Jeremy Kaufman, Ross wrote the 11th episode titled “Riot ‘Til I Die.” It was the third to the last episode of the short-lived TV series that was canceled after the first season for lack of international popularity.

Other works that Ross has written include the 2014 short film Homeward, WWII drama DestroyerBarbie and Ruth which stars , and 2016’s Barbarian. Ross has also started acting part-time; she had a role in the short film A Social Life (2016) which was her debut film role.


Celebrity Facts About Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend

• Rosalind Ross met Mel Gibson in 2014 and went official with their romance in 2016. However, before they went public, there were rumors that the two were a pair after Ross was spotted vacationing with the ace actor at his ranch in Costa Rica.

• Ross and Gibson made their first official public appearance at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards.

• There’s a huge age difference between them – Ross is 34 years younger than Gibson who was born in 1956.

• Rosalind Ross and Mel Gibson welcomed their first child together on the 22nd of January 2017. It was a son named Lars Gerard Gibson.

• For her works as an equestrian vaulter, Rosalind Ross has been inducted into the AVA Hall of Fame.

• Her success as an equestrian vaulter has seen her grace the cover of the 2011 ESPN Magazine Body issue. Alongside her performing partner Devon Maitozo, Ross posed nude with no clothes at all on top of their horse.

• Rosalind Ross, for her career as a screenwriter and actress, is represented by the companies – Heroes and Villains Entertainment, WME, and Jackoway Austen.

• Ross is involved in charitable activities and supports various organizations created to promote human welfare.

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