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Ross O’Donovan is undoubtedly an online celebrity per excellence. Over the period of his career as an animator, comedian, YouTube personality, and voice actor, he has gone by many monikers – the most popular are RubberNinja, RubberRoss, and CondomRoss.

O’Donovan is mostly known for his time as the main host of the internet show Steam Train, a project inspired by the YouTube Let’s Play series show, Game Grumps. He is also popular for his Youtube channel and his Newgrounds animation.

Ross O’Donovan’s Bio, Age

The Australian was born on June 17, 1987, in Perth, Western Australia. For his education, the young Irish lad attended Corpus Christi College. At this point in his life, he started to develop a real flair for entertainment in the forms of acting, gaming, and comedy. These interests inspired him to get involved in stage productions and school dramas while at Corpus Christi and subsequently, he took acting classes to refine his craft.

After high school, Ross O’Donovan took his pursuit further when he enrolled in the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia (FTI) to study animation. While at the institute, he directed a short film called Shaolin Sausage in 2006. The animator’s best work is the Gamer Tonight series which he worked on with his friend and fellow animator .

After his affiliation with Gamer Tonight, Ross created a profile on the social media and entertainment platform, Newgrounds and started posting his animations under the moniker “RubberNinja”. After some time, he decided to move his venture over to Youtube but the move meant he had to pick another name as RubberNinja had been taken by another user. He continued to create animations under the name RubberRoss until he received the rights to the RubberNinja name in 2014.

In 2013, Ross O’Donovan created a new show for the Game Grumps platform and co-hosted the show with Dan Avidan where they played computer games from the video game retailer Steam. This helped to increase the number of video contents the Game Grumps channel released daily. Eventually, the show expanded to make the co-hosting slot available to other members of Game Grumps besides Avidan.

Ross’s collaboration with the channel has expanded to other shows besides Steam Train. These include Steam Rolled, Grumpcade, Table Flip and Game Grumps Animated among others.

In addition to this, O’Donovan has acted as a co-host on other shows from the Game Grumps platform, including GrumpcadeSteam Rolled, and Hunting Monsters. He equally appeared as a frequent guest on Table Flip. He has also authored multiple content-related animations for Game Grumps Animated.

O’Donovan launched the miniseries Guild Grumps in 2015 on the Game Grumps channel. The series was basically created to raise money for charity. Guild Grumps was a game competition on World of Warcraft game and had 4 other participants from the Game Grumps family besides Ross. He was the sole winner of the competition and won the prize money of $5,000. He donated the money to cancer research. As of 2015, Ross and Game Grumps had also executed this model successfully on Twitch, raising more than $70,000 for charity in the process.

His Family: Parents And Sister

The identity of Ross O’Donovan’s parents is unknown except for the fact that they are Irish. They lived and worked in Australia where Ross was born. Through his parents, the animator also has a sister – Rebecca O’Donovan. Ross has worked with his sister on several projects and she can be seen in many videos on his YouTube channel.

Ross O’Donovan’s Wife And Divorce

The Youtuber cum voice actor has taken a shot at matrimony before. It is unclear exactly when Ross met , however, he married her on September 29, 2012. Their union lasted for six years and produced no children. They called it quits in 2018 because they both wanted to live in different states and couldn’t come to a compromise. They announced their union’s dissolution via Twitter on September 19, 2018.

Holly hails from Los Angeles and is best known for her work as a special effects artist and a cosplayer. She has her own YouTube channel CommanderHolly but has collaborated with Ross on a few occasions including some episodes of JonTron. They also attended the student-organized Graphic Voices Conference at Holly’s alma mater, the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2016, to talk about their YouTube careers.

Other Facts About Ross O’Donovan

1. Although Ross is an Australian with Irish roots, his accent has never really been either. He revealed that he may have subconsciously stifled his Australian accent after he relocated to the US.

2. While he was with Holly, they had two cats, Mojo and Doctor Orpheus (Orph). Upon their divorce, Holly went with Mojo while Ross kept Orph.

3. Ross O’Donovan and his cat Orph have been slated to be playable characters in the PC game Hex Heroes.

4. Ross has a weird sense of taste. For instance, he loves to eat a recipe of tomatoes coated in butter. A delicacy he calls “Lubbery Flumpkins”.

5. O’Donovan has admitted to being petrified of horror movies and cannot bring himself to play horror games.

6. His cousin tried to teach him Irish when he was little, albeit unsuccessfully. The only sentence he remembers how to translate in Irish is, “Kiss my ass, are you a homosexual?”

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