Ryan Hawke: Biography and 7 Quick Facts You Need to Know

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Ryan Hawke is an American actress best known for her roles in movies including The Hottest State which was released in 2006. She came into the limelight after she married the famous American actor named Ethan Hawke.

The amazing actress was born as Ryan Shawhughes and she adopted her husband’s name after their wedding in 2008. She has two children and two step-children from Ethan’s previous marriage.

Let’s look at Ryan Hawke’s biography and other interesting facts about the American actress below.


Ryan Shawhughes was born in the United States and she has American nationality. She attended high school and also graduated from Columbia University. However, nothing much is known about Ryan because she has not disclosed any information regarding her childhood, age, family, and her career.

She came into the limelight after she married the famous American actor named Ethan Hawke. Find some interesting facts about Ryan below.


7 Quick Facts You Need To Know about Ryan Hawke

1. She was Ethan and his Ex-Wife’s Babysitter

Ryan Hawke was once babysitting for Ethan and his then-wife Uma Thurman. There’s nothing new about celebrity nanny scandal. However, most of the celebrities who have had an affair with their nanny don’t usually make them their wives. But for Ryan, the case is different; it turned out to be throwing shades in the wood. Ethan was reportedly cheating on his ex-wife Uma whom he had two children with and after a while, Uma discovered what was happening which led to their separation as well as divorce in 2003.

2. It was alleged that she caused Ethan’s Separation from his Ex-wife Uma Thurman

It can never be right to say that the alleged infidelity of Ethan was not good enough to shatter his seven-year-old marriage with Uma. If it was for someone who is not known to her, the case would have been different. Can you imagine how it would feel staying under the same roof with the one person that ruined your happy marriage? That was how Uma felt and yes, Ryan was the cause of their separation.

Additionally, Ethan disclosed that Ryan wasn’t connected to their breakup and that he and Uma separated due to pressures. He further made an obscure statement regarding his extramarital affairs in an interview in 2013. The famous actor said that sexual fidelity is not the most important aspect of a relationship and this was to justify Ryan as the alleged cause of his divorce with Uma.

Ethan and his ex-wife Uma announced their separation in 2003 and finalized their divorce in August 2005. They have a daughter named Maya Hawke and a son Lenon Hawke.

3. She Married Ethan in 2008

After Ethan’s divorce with Uma Thurman, he didn’t hesitate to bring out the hidden relationship he was having with Ryan to the open. He continued having a romantic affair with Ryan until 2007 when she became pregnant. The couple went further to seal their love with a marital bond in June 2008 and a few weeks after their wedding, they welcomed their first daughter. Since then, the couple has been living happily with their children and there is no sign or news of divorce yet.

4. They Both Have Two Children

After their marriage in June 2008, Ryan Hawke and her husband were blessed with two daughters Clementine Jane Hawke who was born in 2008 and Indiana Hawke who was born in 2011. Hawke and his family currently reside in Boerum Hill, New York City.

5. She appeared on the Oscars Red Carpet with Ethan in 2015

What could be more interesting than seeing a man with the love of his life beside him? This was the case of Ethan and Ryan as the couple was seen together on the Oscars red carpet in 2016. It was the biggest Hollywood’s night and the entire nominees for various awards appeared on the red carpet, amongst them was Ethan Hawke who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie titled Boyhood with his date Ryan Hawke. The couple looked so happy and that was a clear sign that they are enjoying a blissful marriage.

6. She Tattooed Ethan’s Initials on her left Arm

Here’s the most amazing part, guess you can’t wait to hear it. There’s no means one can say that Ryan doesn’t have unconditional love for Ethan. Do you know what it means for a woman to go as far as getting a tattoo with her partner’s initials on her arm? The tattoo could be seen above an illustrated key and lock. What more could be said other than wishing the happy couple the best with their marriage?

7. She is also an Actress

It’s quite interesting to see know that the couple shares the passion for acting. Aside from being Ethan’s wife, Ryan also made an appearance in a movie directed by Ethan in 2006. The movie is titled The Hottest State and since then, we haven’t seen much of Ryan in other movies but she played quite a brilliant role as a Williamsburg Hip Girl in the movie.

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