Shane Dawson Net Worth, Brother, Gay, Straight or Bisexual, Age, Height

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YouTube sensation and personality Shane Dawson is quite popular for his hilarious acts as a youtube star who is also a songwriter, film director, author and actor. He became famous via his internet series Shane Dawson TV and in 2010, he won the title for the 25th most famous online celebrity according to Forbes.

Shane Dawson’s Age and Early Life

Shane was born on July 19, 1988, she grew up in Long Beach, California, where he was born and attended Lakewood High School. His mother’s name is Teresa Yaw and his father is Kyle Yaw Jr. They are of Swedish, Dutch, Welsh and English ancestry. Childhood and teenage days were not all rosy for the youtube star as he was subject to bully in school, mental and physical abuse from his father who was an alcoholic and he was severely obese. His father later abandoned the family causing the mother to strive to raise the kids in their poor financial state. The youtube star developed a love for videos as a teenager and would even produce some video projects for his high school.

Online Career

The young video lover eventually turned his love for making videos into a business when he started his YouTube channel called ‘ShaneDawsonTV’ in March 2008. Since then, he has continually posted new videos which include short web movies, music video comic versions, film trailer comic versions and original music on his channel to keep his avid fans interested. His most viewed video Fred is Dead is said to have been viewed more than 24 million times.

Following the success of his first channel, he soon started a second channel called ‘ShaneDawsonTV2’, later called “Human Emoji” but stopped using it in 2012. He also started a third YouTube channel called ‘Shane’ for vlogging and uploading other posts five times a week. This YouTube sensation has worked with other YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, TheFineBros, Trisha Paytas, iJustine, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings, Sawyer Hartman, Drew Monson, Liam Horne, Tana Mongeau and others.


In August 2010, the YouTuber created a 30-minute pilot called SD High which was funded by Take180 digital media group. The story in the pilot was about a youngster in school and his association with other characters. The video was to be released on his main channel but he was later given a contract by a TV station to produce the pilot for their TV station. However, his attempt at the production of the pilot failed as he explained to his viewers via a video on YouTube in March 2011.

The talented internet personality in January 2012, started a TV show that was partially based on his weight loss journey. He also produced a comic horror film that year and made his debut mainstream song Super Love that same year which was released on iTunes alongside the music video released on his YouTube channel. Though the song was not a major success, it topped the chart at 87 in Ireland, 16 on the UK Indie Chart, 163 on the UK Singles Chart and 28th on the US iTunes Pop Chart. He also produced a second song that year titled The Vacation Song which was released in June 2012 with its video. Other songs produced by him include Maybe This Christmas and Wanna Make Love To You.

In 2013, Shane started a podcast titled Shane and Friends which is still on to date. He also expanded his weightloss video that year by partnering with Sony Pictures Television for NBC to embark on a project titled Losin’ It which will be a 30 minutes comedy series about a formerly obese person at a weight loss center that came around to motivate new members as a consultant in the centre and on his first day, was made the manager of the facility.

Shane also directed and starred in the film Not Cool in 2014 and although he was condemned by a film producer for lacking the skill to produce a movie, his film won the competition against another film titled Hollidaysburg by Anna Martemucci and he was given another film project to work on with a winning prize of $250,000.

As a writer, Shane has written two memoirs entitled I Hate Myselfie and It Gets Worse which are a collection of essays.

Shane Dawson’s Height and Net Worth

His height is a comfortable 6 feet which carries his now slimmer figure of 79kg really well.

The YouTuber’s source of wealth is his online presence. He operates with over 3million followers on Facebook, more than 4.46 million followers on Twitter and more than 5.1 million followers on Instagram. His net worth is approximately $4 million.


Shane has two elder brothers Jerid Jaw and Jacob Yaw who have been very close to the YouTuber since his childhood days and have always supported him greatly.


Is Shane Dawson Gay, Straight or Bisexual?

This YouTuber’s sexual orientation has been a subject of confusion to the public with speculations about whether he is straight or gay as he was in a relationship with Lisa Schwartz before his present relationship with Ryland Adams.

To clear his relationship stance, Shane Dawson released a video on YouTube in which he accepted his confusion about his sexuality and now claims to be bisexual.

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