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People become successful by following their passion and making the most out of it. While it is true that most people become superstars by picking up popular careers like sports, and entertainment; however, people like Shelby Stanga are proof you can become a superstar by creating content that is of great interest to a particular group of people.

Stanga is a reality television personality popularly known as The Swamp Man. He earned the nickname as a result of his love for the swamp, which he proudly calls home even though a lot of people see a swamp as a dangerous and critters-infested place.

Shelby Stanga’s Bio

Shelby Stanga was born in the southern state of Louisiana on the first day of January 1960. He was raised in his home town which is known for its swampy terrain and so it didn’t take him much to start exploring swamps that are close to him. Shelby’s parents were very protective of him when he was younger; his mom is said to have stopped him from continuing his education due to the activities of the Ku Klux Klan hate group, a notorious white supremacist secret society.

Details about his background, immediate family, and childhood are yet to be published for public consumption. The only information about his early life available is that Stanga was attending an academic institution in his area before his mother asked him to put his education on hold because she feared for his safety, as previously mentioned. However, it is not known if he later furthered his education.

It was after Shelby left school that he began visiting and discovering new things about swamps in his area. And by his mid-teens, he was already conversant and knowledgeable with the swamps.

Shelby Stanga’s exploration in swamps opened up opportunities for him to gain valuable experience in swamp life, including how to masterly log trees. The first time he showed off his logging skills was after he was challenged to carry away a Cyprus tree that fell into the water in a swamp he visits regularly.

This reality TV star owes his rise to prominence to History Channel which picked up him due to his vast knowledge about swamps. His stint on the nature-centric channel began in 2008 on the show, Ax Men. The series also features other loggers and their work in the forests of places like Alaska, British Columbia in Canada and Oregon.

Shelby has featured in the reality series for several seasons and has no plans of slowing down. Interestingly, the Swamp Man’s personal television show, The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man, aired on History channel from 6th August 2013 to 26th April 2015. The show, which focused mainly on Stanga personal life, featured two specials and ten episodes.

Family – Wife

Shelby Stanga is happily married to a beautiful woman simply known as Donna. Unfortunately, there is no information on their marriage as the particular year they tied the knot and the location where they exchanged their marital vows is not known.

Similarly, there are no records detailing Donna’s family background, ethnicity, educational attainments, and occupation; however, it is known that she is of Jehovah-Witness faith. Donna and Shelby currently reside on a large piece of land that is near Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain. They are yet to give birth to their own kids.

Shelby Stanga’s Net Worth

Besides his massive presence in the television industry where he earned his career breakthrough, Shelby Stanga also makes a substantial income for his involvements in swamp adventure. The Swamp Man, according to reports, received a huge salary of $70,000 per episode from his television show; however, the exact amount he makes from other TV shows is yet to be published online. Regarding his net worth, he currently has a decent net worth of $2 million.

Other Facts About Shelby Stanga 

1. Shelby Stanga is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

2. Shelby Stanga doesn’t just log trees and explore swamps on Ax Men, he also competes with other loggers to win the title of King of the Mountain.

3. Prior to his stint on Ax Men, the reality TV star had been on another survival television series known as Man VS. Wild, in 2003.

4. He is active on Facebook and Instagram.

5. Shelby Stanga has invested more than ten years in the TV industry.

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