Sherrie Swafford Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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There are not a lot of women who can boast about having inspired hit rock songs but Sherrie Swafford is one of the few who can. Sherrie is best known as the former girlfriend of Steve Perry, the rock singer and lead vocalist of one of the greatest rock bands ever – Journey. Sherrie’s boyfriend joined the band in 1977 and became the vocal powerhouse behind many of their major hit songs including Don’t Stop Believing, Lights, Separate Ways and Open Arms. Steve Perry practically taught everyone in the 1980s what love was simply by singing about his affections for Sherrie Swafford.

The two were the relationship goals that people who grew up in that era aspired to achieve. All you had to do was listen to a Journey song to realize just how crazy the pair were about each other, so much that even after Steve went solo, Sherrie remained his muse and inspired memorable songs like You Better Wait, Don’t Fight It, Foolish Heart and the iconic Oh Sherrie. Steve even featured Sherrie as his love interest in the music video for the song (Oh Sherrie) which became an instant fan favourite. Since then, there has been a lot of speculations about this mystery woman who stole the rock star’s heart and what became of her.

Sherrie Swafford – Biography

The age of Steve Perry’s blonde muse is unknown as neither Sherrie nor the rockstar has revealed this key information. In the same vein, very little is known about her family or siblings, what kind of childhood she had, where she went to high school, what level of education she attained, or even how her passionate relationship with the Journey frontman began.

At some point in their lives, Sherrie and Steve met and became attached to each other. According to both parties, they were crazy in love, but love wasn’t enough to keep the relationship afloat when the pressures of being a rock star began to creep in. They began to quarrel a lot, either about Steve’s hectic touring schedule with the band or something equally time-consuming. It wasn’t an easy task being in a relationship with Steve at a time when his career was peaking and eventually, Sherrie grew weary of having to navigate their relationships through the rough storms of fame.

Sherrie Swafford has always been a very private person, although she made the effort to be more outgoing when she was dating Steve. After the relationship ended, she didn’t see the point in remaining in the spotlight, thus, she went back to living a very quiet life under the radar. Swafford eventually stopped appearing in the news as the media ran out of things to say about her and didn’t know how to reach her to dig up information about her life. Whenever anyone managed to get hold of her phone number, Sherrie avoided answering so they assumed it was a wrong number.

Interesting Facts You Need To Know

  • 1. The Song Steve Perry Wrote For Her Was A Chart Hogger

Oh Sherrie was released in the rock singer’s 1984 solo album Street Talk, which he recorded and released while he was still the lead vocalist of Journey. The song became an instant hit and it went on to climb to the number three spot on the pop chart and hit the number one spot on the rock charts. The music video for the song was constantly aired by MTV.

  • 2. Sherrie Swafford Never Got Married

Although things didn’t work out being Sherrie and Steve, Sherrie never managed to make it to the altar with anyone else. She has never been married; however, she has enjoyed several fulfilling relationships over the years, marriage just didn’t factor in the equation.

  • 3. She’s Mom To A Bunch Of Pets

It would seem that Sherrie decided a while ago that raising a family wasn’t the kind of thing she wanted to do, which might explain why she never bothered to have children. She does have a bunch of pets that she absolutely loves, as well as plants she enjoys nurturing, but that is where motherhood stops for this muse.

  • 4. She Currently Works As An Aesthetician

Sherrie Swafford has spent the last couple years of her life making other people feel good about themselves. She is an aesthetician and specializes in performing cosmetic skin treatments and all kinds of beauty procedures that help achieve a radiant and younger appearance. She also teaches yoga.

  • 5. Relationship With Her Ex Steve Perry

It has been decades since Sherrie and Steve’s love story was alive and blossoming, but the ex-lovers have maintained a healthy friendship over the years. They have kept in touch and they speak to each other regularly.

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