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The Mexican-born American actress, Stephanie Sigman, has had a really interesting career. She has been in the industry since 2006, although she only truly began to emerge and stake her claim when she played the role of Laura Guerrero in the 2011 Mexican film Miss Bala. Since then, the actress has taken her talent on a world tour of sorts. Besides Mexican television and film, Stephanie has been on other productions in the Norwegian film industry, and also in Hollywood.

With her appearance in Spectre (2015), she clinched the record of being only the second Mexican actress ever to play the bond girl role in the history of the James Bond movie franchise. The actress is known for her role in movies and tv series like The Bridge, Narcos, and Annabelle: Creation.

Stephanie Sigman’s Biography and Age

The actress was birthed in Mexico, in the town of Ciudad Obregón, in Sonora, on February 28, 1987. She was born to her parents Esthela Conde and Lee Sigman. Her mother Esthela was born and raised in Mexico, while her father found himself in the country on account of his work. He was a Kansas native who worked as a scout for the MLB team New York Yankees. He met Esthela while he was on a field trip to Mexico. They shortly fell in love although neither knew the other’s language at the time.

Growing up, Stephanie Michelle Sigman fell in love with sports and regularly accompanied her father and brothers to baseball stadiums and games, but her sights were set on becoming a model. She relocated to Mexico City after turning 16 to pursue her dream. In Mexico, she fell in love with acting even though she was hesitant at first to pursue it professionally. However, after three years of acting classes and the wonderful experience of her first few sets, she decided this was something she wanted to do.

Part of her reason for turning her back on modeling was her experience when she tried out for America’s Next Top Model. She was subjected to bullying and racial discrimination from the other contestants after making it past the audition. This was majorly down to her Mexican heritage as the others believed she had no place on the American show. Even though Stephanie Sigman already had American citizenship through her father and was really liked by the producers of the show, she opted to walk away so she wouldn’t have to be in the company of the other contestants.

Her Career Achievements, Movies, and Tv Shows

After her three years of taking acting classes, Stephanie appeared in a short Mexican film Con lujo de detalle (2006). She also appeared in a few more tv series and films including Cambio de vida (2007 – 2008), and Los Minondo (2010).

In 2010, the actress made her professional film debut in the Mexican movie Río de oro. Her role on the project earned her a spot as Laura Guerrero on the crime drama Miss Bala the following year. Her performance on the movie was well-received and earned her a Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Award nomination in 2011. The film was also considered for an Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2012, Stephanie Sigman appeared as Catalina Aguado in the Canadian documentary project Flight of the Butterflies. She followed this up as Francesca Ortiz in the 2012 film Morelos. The actress began 2013 by starring in the Norwegian film Pioneer as the character Maria Salatzar.

In the same year, she relocated to Los Angeles where she started to stake her claim in Hollywood. She landed a role on The Arrangement, a USA Network pilot. She followed this up with a recurring role the crime drama series from FX, The Bridge, where she starred as Eva in 14 episodes, culminating in 2014.

In 2015, the actress clinched a spot on Netflix series Narcos; she starred as Valeria Vélez, a character inspired by the story of real-life Colombian author and journalist, Virginia Vallejo. In the same year, she became the second Mexican to play the role of the bond girl when she starred alongside as Estrella, in the James Bond film Spectre. During the auditions, Stephanie Sigman was too sick to attend, so she had a friend make a video clip of her try out and sent it in. She was subsequently called in by the film director Sam Mendes and told that she got the role.


Since then her career has been on the up. In 2017, she appeared in the comedy action film Once Upon A Time in Venice, appearing alongside and . In the same year, she was Sister Charlotte in the successful horror movie Annabelle: Creation. Sigman then rounded off the year by bagging a lead role in the procedural drama S.W.A.T. She plays the role of Jessica Cortez and shares the set with names like Sherma Moore, , and Alex Russell.

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