Sydney Sweeney Biography: 5 Facts You Need To Know

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You probably first noticed Sydney Sweeney in Everything Sucks! – she portrayed Emaline Addario in the web television series, a dramedy that survived only one season on Netflix. Even as Netflix’s cancellation of the series was disheartening for many people, it wasn’t a big deal on several quarters. In fact, some say it’s a good call. Regardless, there is no doubt about Sydney being a fine actress. Apart from Everything Sucks, she has portrayed a good number of characters on television and much more for the big screen.

Sydney Sweeney is far from attaining the highest peak of an acting career. Nevertheless, she hasn’t fared badly. Here are her biography and other things to know about her.

Sydney Sweeney Biography

It was on September 12 and in the year 1997 that Sydney Sweeney was born. Records have it that her place of birth was in Spokane, Washington. To the best of our knowledge, the American actress started acting professionally in 2009. This was the year she played Lisa in ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction, a Kevin Hamedani-directed comedy film.

That same year, she portrayed Dani Forester in Criminal Minds and a little girl in Heroes. More acting gigs came her way the following year. While she respectively played Emily, Samantha Wright, and Sarah Detzer in Spiders 3D, Takeo, and The Opium Eater, she appeared in an episode of the teen drama series 90210. Being Samantha in Takeo earned her a Best Actress accolade at the New York International Film Festival.

Over the years, Sydney has received more screen time and it has facilitated her growth in the industry. Some of her recent prominent works include her recurring role as Eden in The Handmaid’s Tale, Alice in Sharp Objects, and Haley Carne in In the Vault. You will equally find her as Ally in Relentless, Sam in Dead Ant, and Ida in Vikes.

5 Facts You Need To Know About The Actress

1. She Began Acting on an Interesting Note

Owing to the abundant instances of child actors who practically had their lives ruined for joining the movie industry at a very tender age, Sydney Sweeney’s parent were very reluctant to have their daughter pursue her acting dreams which were pretty obvious from the earliest days of her life. When Sydney turned 12, she wouldn’t have them hold her down anymore, the lassie did a PowerPoint presentation with which she argued why she should be allowed to become an actress.

2. Acting Runs In Her Family

If you ask Sydney what inspired her passion for acting, she would most likely assert she’s inclined to the profession because she loves having a feel of what it means to be someone else. But beyond this, you should know that acting is a trait in her family. Her brother Trent Sweeney is quite popular as an actor and director. Some of his popular works are A Thousand Years of Good Pray, The Opium Eater, and Norman. More to that, Sydney is a distance cousin of , the late actor widely reckoned for his roles in plays, films, and television. Vaughn died in November 2016 following a battle with leukemia.

3. Sydney Is A Big Fan of Education

Even as she has found her foot in the movie industry, Sydney wouldn’t abandon her education, she is currently studying Entrepreneurship. The actress once disclosed that she has been able to manage her career while attending college because education is a priority for her. Apparently, she enjoys school.


4. Her Hobbies and Love Life

Nothing thus far has been able to capture Sydney Sweeney’s interest as much as acting has done. But disregarding that, she loves sports and outdoor recreation like hiking and slalom water-skiing.

So far, this lady hasn’t been romantically attached to anyone. From all indications, she’s focusing on education and has directed her passion to the acting profession. However, she once named Ansel Elgort as her celebrity crush.

5. Her Big Dream

Sweeney has been able to overcome the fears that came with the celebrity status she attained at a tender age and is now nurturing a big dream for her chosen profession. She dreams of winning an Oscar and having her own production company in the nearest future.

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