Tammy Peterson – Bio, Age, Everything About Jordan Peterson’s Wife

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While some people marry out of love and others out of convenience, it appears that Tammy Peterson’s marriage solves both problems for her and her husband. She is married to . Jordan has said on many occasions that Tamara, who is a trained massage therapist, is like the calm within the storm. He is very grateful for her, just like the plethora of children she has taken care of over the last two decades of her life.

Tammy Peterson’s Bio (Age)

Tammy was born Tammy Roberts in the Province of Alberta, Canada, on June 3, 1965. There is no information available regarding her parents, siblings, education, and experiences during her early years.

For her University education, the Canadian attended the University of Alberta. After that, Tammy decided to pursue a career as a massage therapist. Whether she owned her own business or worked under someone else’s employ remains unknown. After she married Jordan Peterson, Tammy decided to transition from massage therapy into a full-time foster parent role.

The former therapist is a strong believer in giving kids a roof over their head especially in their formative years. She has stated how important it is for them to have somewhere to come back to regardless of if they excel or do something terrible. Tammy has been a foster parent for well over two decades. In that time, most of her foster kids have grown up and returned to their orphanages. Some of the others were able to find permanent foster homes and settle nicely.

Relationship With Jordan Peterson

It may seem that Tammy Peterson spends all her time taken care of foster kids that she hasn’t had time to focus on building her own family. However, the foster parent has two kids with her husband Jordan. They have a son named Julian Peterson and a daughter named Mikhaila Peterson. They were both raised by Tammy and her husband in Canada.

It is unclear how long they were in a relationship, however, Tammy tied the knot with Jordan Peterson sometime in 1989. Jordan never hesitates to serenade his wife whenever the opportunity presents itself. He has stated several times that she is the reason he stays humble and grounded. Tammy’s husband handles a multi-facetious responsibility, to say the least. He is an author and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Besides his writing and academic responsibilities, he is also a traveling speaker and a trained clinical psychologist.

Things To Know About Tammy Peterson

1. By reason of her husband’s often unconventional views on sensitive topics, Tammy is no stranger to tension and media backlash. Her husband is not one to shy away from what he believes in and he loves to say what he feels is right, regardless of the backlash. Jordan attributes his wife for keeping him from over-reacting in tensed situations. He is the author of two very popular books – Maps of Meaning and 12 Rules of Life, the former elicited some serious backlash from the media and the general public for his stance on some hot button issues.

2. Tammy Peterson has known Jordan more or less all her life. Tammy met him when they were just kids; she was eight years old at the time. Jordan will later reveal that he was immediately taken by her and while in fifth grade, he had told his father that he was going to marry her. Tammy also liked some things about him at the time, but she was jealous of the fact that he wore glasses since she had always wanted to wear glasses herself. She only admitted this to him about 20 years later.

3. Tammy may go by Jordan’s last name now. However, when she was 13, Jordan overheard a conversation she was having with a friend. Tammy said that when she got married, she would never take her husband’s last name. On hearing that, Jordan entered the house and Tammy jokingly proposed to him.


4. Jordan and Tammy Peterson also used to play together a lot when they were kids. She especially loved playing croquet with him because she was much better than him at the game and always dominated him whenever they played.

5. Jordan Peterson’s wife left her job as a massage therapist after getting married. However, before she became a full-time foster parent, she worked for a while as her husband’s personal assistant and adviser. She stills fulfills the latter role, one which her husband is grateful for. It was her love for kids and her pain at seeing many of them helpless that inspired her to start taking them in. She was already around 30 years old by this time.

6. Tammy is skilled at staying away from the limelight. In fact, she has zero social media presence and stays away from her husband’s social media as well. However, on a rare occurrence in 2018, a video of her surfaced when her husband accidentally live-streamed her showing him a news article about sex-ed academic curriculum in Ontario.

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