Tamra Dae – Biography, And Career Profile Of The Fitness Icon

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Looking at her work as a top model, coupled with her participation in several bodybuilding contests, Tamra Dae has shown no sign of slowing it down at all. She serves as a big source of inspiration to her fans on social media and has influenced many through her hard work and dedication to her chosen career.

Tamra has a background in soccer which she started at an early stage in her life but had to take a long hiatus, coming out with the conscious decision to try her hands at bodybuilding instead. She had the advantage of a couple of coaches and inspiration from both her parents who were bodybuilders.

The fitness icon is also known as a model, YouTuber, and social media personality. She launched her YouTube channel on the 28th of August 2015 and her debut video titled TAMRA D. PARK WORKOUT FOR BOOTY AND ABS got over 15k views. Her channel has presently garnered over 10k subscribers who constantly watch her videos and picture updates that basically mimic her personal workout sessions, as well as provide information on the exercises one can possibly do at home.

Apart from her YouTube channel, Tamra Dae also has an active presence on Instagram where she has accumulated a total of 1.1 million following. She has also registered her presence on Facebook and Twitter but her popularity on the two platforms cannot be compared to her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

Tamra Dae’s Biography

There is a huge dearth of information on the body builder’s personal details and family background but we were able to get some tidbits from the available records. The facts said that she was born in Los Angeles, California on the 17th of August 1990 under the zodiac sign of Leo. Her country of birth makes her an American national but her ethnicity is not known.

Furthermore, the identity of Tamra Dae’s parents are not known but it was stated that they were both ex-bodybuilders who assisted her with a lot of advice and tutorials during her early days in the profession.

Also, the fitness model’s educational background has never been made public, we only know that she studied Fashion Design in college and had great hopes of becoming a fashion model in the future.

Career Profile Of the Fitness Icon

Tamra Dae’s career commenced during her formative years with football but she took a long break from the soccer field. When she finally decided that she couldn’t bear to be out of shape for too long, she was confused on which way to toe until she went to seek advice from both her parents who were former bodybuilders. Tamra was then tutored and counselled in preparation for her debut show by her own parents.

Sources also revealed that Tamra Dae has always had an interest in creativity during her years in college and kept hope alive that a day will come when she will realize her dreams of becoming a fashion model. It came to pass that she was contacted by her former colleague who wanted to know if she had an interest in modelling for an online company and thus, her career as a model commenced immediately.

Till date, the fitness enthusiast has been constantly under the spotlight of the press as she models for some of the biggest names you can get in the sporting industry. Tamra Dae was also smart enough to launch her personal fashion label representing her unique style.

She has been leveraging on the advantages of the social media to grow her fame and popularity though she confesses that it has not been an easy ride as she encountered a lot of obstacles on her way up the success ladder. However, with strategic planning and constant preparedness, Tamra Dae has continued to excel in both her modelling work and the bodybuilding side.

As a bodybuilder, Tamra Dae has also revealed that she aims to reach the zenith of her career in bodybuilding. She is notable for going the extra mile to mix her training with past techniques she learned during her days as a soccer player. Something in the neighbourhood of weights and HIIT is her favourite mix during her exercise routines.

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