The Real Reason Usher and Grace Miguel Separated in 2018

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has become one of the most successful and best-selling musicians of all time, many thanks to his incredible musical talent. He has released chart-topping songs for which he has garnered worldwide fame. That being said, if there is one thing that is as popular as his musical stints, that would be his long-list of relationships with different women. The music star has made headlines following incessant affairs, flings and short-lived marital relationships, with the latest headline being Usher and Grace Miguel separation in 2018.

The gorgeous couple got hitched in 2015 and barely two years into their marriage, they announced their separation which ultimately led to a divorce in 2018. While curious fans have been hunting for information as regards their details and what went wrong in their union, we have taken time to gather all the interesting facts regarding their relationship. Find out the real reason for their separation in the following paragraphs.

Usher and Grace Miguel’s Marriage

Usher and Grace Miguel began their love story way back in 2009 after Usher divorced his first wife, Tameka Foster. Tameka was Usher’s former stylist and their marriage lasted for two years, from 2007 to 2009. Through their marriage, Usher became a stepfather to Tameka’s three sons from her previous relationship and they both had two sons – Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond.

By the time their divorce process was finalized in November 2009, Usher and Grace had already hit things off. Their relationship lasted for six years before they made it down the aisle in 2015. Although the couple kept their relationship under the radar, the news of their wedding saw the light of the day when Grace posted a photo of their wedding on Instagram. Usher later confirmed their marriage during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. However, after two years of marriage, the couple announced their separation in 2018.

Reason Why Usher and Grace Miguel Separated

1. Grace Miguel Wanted to More Kids But Usher Doesn’t

It is already known that kids usually have a way of bringing life into a relationship and many would say they serve as a symbol of love between couples. However, Usher and Grace Miguel’s case is quite different as these two have both had two kids each from their previous relationships. Notably, through his marriage with his first wife Tameka Foster, Usher had two sons, Miguel, on the other hand, also has two teenage children, a son and a daughter from a previous relationship.

That notwithstanding, Grace wanted them to have a child together but Usher didn’t take to the idea. When she suggested having her baby through a surrogate, Usher blatantly refused, he was rather willing to adopt. Since he didn’t want anything to do with a surrogate, things really went rough between them. All these culminated into Usher and Grace Miguel’s separation in 2018.

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2. News of Usher Spreading STD to Different Women Caused a Rift

Usher’s mess with the herpes allegations and lawsuits didn’t help their union either, it rather caused a serious strain on their relationship. In July 2017, some documents were leaked online alleging that Usher has been a carrier of the herpes virus since 2009 and that he infected a partner in 2012. According to the document, the singer also paid the woman’s hospital bills and settled a civil lawsuit with her for about $1.1 million.

While the allegations were ongoing, TMZ also reported that another woman filed a lawsuit for $10 million, alleging that Usher exposed her to the herpes virus without her knowledge or consent. However, after testing positive to the virus, the woman ultimately increased her lawsuit to $20 million.

These would go on and on as many other women came up with the same allegations and were fighting about it non-stop. Amid the whole allegation, Grace Miguel managed to issue a statement supporting her husband in that situation. She further said that she and her husband have been living their lives without issues.

3. Their Separation was Mutual

Although Usher and Grace Miguel announced their separation in 2018, they remained in good terms with each other. Recall, Grace has been his manager for a long while and this has continued to date. There was neither an uproar on the media nor a battle for divorce settlement between the two. Since their separation, the couple has maintained a low profile. However, Usher later filed for divorce from Miguel in December 2018.

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