The Story of Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury Relationship – How Did They Meet? 

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The love story between Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury is one that generated its own fair share of interest, thanks in part to the 2018 biography movie (Bohemian Rhapsody) on the British rock band Queen and its famous lead singer who rose into becoming one of the most loved entertainers. Although the movie which made over $900 million in Box office did not dwell so much on the love life of Mercury, it left many questions in that regards.

The Story of Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury Relationship

Even though the light would always return to shine on the relationship the two men had, Mercury’s love story did not begin with Jim. He was previously in a relationship with Mary Austin who would be his partner for six years from 1970 to 1976. When they first met, Austin was only 19 and working at a boutique while the young singer who was still trying to make a name for himself was 24.

The general belief was that Austin was the love of the singer’s life and that was probably why the film about him concentrated on her, leaving out much of the fact that he was, in fact, bisexual. This would become one of the things highly criticized about the film because his sexual orientation was what ended his relationship with Mary whom he had gone as far as engaging and was set to marry.

Freddie would later make the revelation that no lover would ever take the place of Mary in his life, but by the mid-1980s, he was in a relationship with Hutton who was working as a hairdresser and was three years younger.

Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury maintained a rather simple relationship for someone as famous as the latter. They also kept their love life private for the six years that they dated until the death of the singer in 1991. His homosexuality was not very much known, not even to his parents to whom he had introduced Mary to before she broke up with him.

It was more than two decades later before same-sex marriage would be legal but the two men whose love story began with a drink in a gay club made a commitment to each other and as a proof of it, they wore gold rings.

How Did Jim Hutton and Freddie Mercury Meet?

According to Bohemian Rhapsody, the two men met for the first time when Hutton had a job of cleaning after one of the other man’s parties. It claims that their meeting saw them flirting with each other. In reality, their first meeting was in London at a gay club and at the time, in 1985, they were not instantly attracted to each other.

Of course, Mercury was already famous at that time but Hutton had no idea who he was. When he asked to buy him a drink, Hutton declined because he was already seeing someone at the time. 18 months would pass before they would meet again all by the design of fate and they realized how much connected they were.

Soon afterward, they began dating. Before long, they were already living together in Garden Lodge, Mercury’s home in London. This was less than a year after their relationship started.

By the late 1980s, Mercury had contracted AIDS and he continued to battle. His true state of health was kept private even as his health continued to deteriorate until a day before he died when a statement was released by his agent to confirm it.

At the age of 45, Mercury lost the battle to complications from AIDS in 1991. Instead of Jim, it was the love of his life, Mary who nursed him for months before he died. She was married at the time. Following his wishes, she had him cremated and his ash was scattered in a place not known. She said it will remain a secret because he wanted it so.


Despite the fact that Jim and Mercury spent the last years of the singer together, he left his estate to Mary pointing out she could have as well been his wife. On her part, she gave Hutton three months to pack out. On his part, he got $500,000 which is estimated at $1 million today. With the money, he returned to his home country of Ireland where he lived until his death in 2010 as a result of cancer.

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