The Tragic Story of Sydney Loofe’s Murder and Aubrey Trail’s Throat-Slashing

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On the 16th of November 2017, Sydney Loofe went missing. Sydney who was 24 years of age when she suddenly disappeared had been a store clerk. Two of her friends mentioned she hinted about going out on a date with a certain lady she had met not long ago, it was meant to be the second date with this lady who she had met on the dating app, Tinder. The said lady was Bailey Boswell. Her disappearance was reported to the police and four days after not hearing from her, her mother and siblings went to her apartment only to find that her vehicle was parked at her house and her cat appeared unfed. These to them were sufficient indications that something was terribly wrong. Loofe’s body parts were found sealed up in paper bags and littered along some roads in Edgar, Nebraska a few weeks later. Here are facts about Sydney Loofe’s murder trial.

Investigation of Sydney Loofe’s Disappearance

The Lincoln Police Department launched an investigation days after Sydney Loofe’s disappearance. Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell soon became persons of interest in the investigation after they went on social media to post comments exonerating themselves of any wrongdoing even though they were yet to be questioned. The police got them arrested for questioning on the 30th of November 2017. Aubrey Trail who is a man in his early fifties has been a boyfriend to Bailey Boswell in her twenties. A year before this incident, the two had been convicted for swindling an antique dealer of some hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Aubrey Trail reported in his statement during the investigation that he had invited Loofe for what he described as a sexual fantasy which had two other female participants whose identities he declined to reveal. He insisted that the other two participants had paid him $15,000 for the sexual fantasy and out of this amount he was to pay Loofe $5,000 for her participation. He added that Sydney Loofe’s murder was only an accident caused by asphyxiation which was purely meant for erotic pleasure. He said in essence that it was a sexual fantasy that went wrong.

When asked to explain the dismemberment of her corpse, he told the investigators that he panicked after Loofe died and went on to cut her body parts. He also went further to explain that her remains had been scattered in order to allow for a quick reincarnation of her soul, describing that his religious beliefs were very different from those of most people.

Aubrey Trail’s Slashing of His Own Throat

During his trial in court for Sydney Loofe’s murder, Trail had an outburst when it became clear that charges were going to be pressed against his girlfriend Boswell and she would be tried separately. He screamed at the judge stating that Boswell was innocent and adding that he curses everyone in the courtroom, afterward, he proceeded to slash his own throat with what appeared to be a razor and fell to the ground. He was quickly taken to the hospital to receive medical attention.

Testimonies From Aubrey Trail’s Other Sexual Partners

While Trail recuperated at the hospital, three ladies who had been involved with him and Boswell came forward to testify against them anonymously. They mentioned that Boswell had contacted each of them separately and arranged for threesome sexual encounters with herself and Aubrey Trail. The ladies each narrated that they were expected to join them on trips and help with the stealing of antiques. According to the ladies, they were paid between $150 to $200 weekly by Trail and Boswell. They said he made them call him daddy and was always aggressive and masochistic during sexual encounters.

They also mentioned that Trail claimed he possessed special powers and claimed that he had this cult made up of 13 women which included three of them and himself. They also revealed that he encouraged them to torture someone to death as that would heighten the sexual drive while also enabling them to gain special powers. Trail had gone as far as threatening to kill the family members of one of the girls who had said she wanted out in order to keep her from divulging the secrets of his sex cult to anyone. She had become apprehensive after Trail suggested that she kill someone with the description of Sydney Loofe.

Two of the charges against Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell are first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, if convicted, they stand to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Sydney Loofe’s Murder sadly joins the list of deaths recorded in America that have come as a result of a sexual escapade gone wrong.

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