The Truth About The Legendary and Mysterious Chupacabra

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There have been stories of werewolves and vampires, and many others that have been told through fiction that we now believe they may as well be real. One that also seems to come from the same source is a legendary small-bear-sized, vampire-like Chupacabra.

Although its existence has remained questionable since there are no images or other documents to back up the sighting of the creature, several people have reported having sighted it in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Maine, Chile, Russia, Southern United States, and the Philippines.

The Truth About Chupacabra

Sometime in 1995, there were reports from Puerto Rico and Moca that some animals were being killed. And since there was no logical conclusion as to what was responsible, a Satanic Cult was accused. However, what raised eyebrows was that the animals were killed in a rather similar way around the island, through blood draining and a circular gash.

In that year, more than 150 livestock, especially goats were killed in Puerto Rico. Anything could be responsible but the news of a creature with scales, large eyes, and a row of spines from its neck down to its tail was said to be responsible.

Words continued to spread out and soon, a Spanish comedian Silverio Perez called the creature Chupacabra, which literally means goat-sucker.

Although it remained rumored, eyewitnesses began to surface. In August 1995, in Puerto Rico, Madelyne Tolentino claimed to have caught the sight of the beast from her window. Her description of how it looked could have prompted eyewitnesses to come forward to give their views on the looks. There were different descriptions which suggest it could have a height of 4 to 5 feet and hops like a kangaroo with legs that allow it to travel a long distance, long claws and red eyes in addition to its row of spines.

While others claimed to have seen it walk on four legs, other eyewitnesses claim that the creature walks on two.

Theories That Emerged

Following the news about the mysterious animal, different theories were made as to the origin of the creature. Popular among the theories as one would suspect is a claim that it is the product of a top-secret US government genetics experiments which was carried out in the rainforest of Puerto Rico. Other theories claim it was brought to earth on a spaceship. Also, others think it is part of some sinister biological warfare program or even the embodiment of God’s wrath.

Several geneticists, wildlife biologists, and other researchers claimed the death of many animals is not associated to an unknown Chupacabra but dogs, coyotes, raccoons, or other common mammals that may have been infected with a parasite that removes the fur of animals and gives them monstrous looks.

Like the claimed Chupacabra, studies suggest that canis attack their victims in the same manner and the holes found on the dead animals is as a result of the canine teeth present in carnivorous animals. However, witnesses insisted on the certainty of what they saw. Quite a number of people argued that if it was dogs or coyote or other animals as claimed by the scientists, why then do the attacking animals suck blood rather than eat the animals as widely known? In giving an answer, biologists claim that although dogs and other aforementioned animals would normally tear up animals, they have the ability to just bite and leave the animals to die.

Questions were again raised as to why Chupacabra has gone into extinction or why it appeared in 1995. If indeed it was dogs, coyote or raccoon that were killing animals, why then was it only in a certain part of the world? With these questions, it is certain that the sighting of Chupacabra remains an irresolvable mystery. It is probable that indeed the mysterious creature was sighted; it could have a similar DNA as a dog as studies have shown or it could be that the creature never existed but was created in the minds of many.


The Disappearance of Chupacabra

The beast lasted 5 years before it was not seen again. Luckily, Chupacabra’s said existence drew the attention of many researchers, unlike many mysterious creatures that were said to be seen before it. One of the many researchers is Benjamin Radford, who spent 5 years trying to find answers about the creature.

He claimed that the description given by the first witness, Madelyne Tolentino, was based on a creature in the film Species, a 1995 science-fiction horror, hence cannot be trusted. Also, necropsy did not suggest that the animals killed were blood-sucked, or that their blood was completely drained.

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