The Untold Truth of Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s Relationship

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Freddie Mercury recently became popular again, especially to a younger generation of fans who were either not yet born or old enough to appreciate the musical prowess of the Queen band, thanks to the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody film in 2018. His unique voice and vocal abilities as the band’s lead singer warmed the hearts of many throughout the 1970s, 1980s and beyond with hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions and Killer Queen among others. Beyond his music, Mercury made the headlines a number of times due to his sexuality and relationship with a certain Mary Austin. As years have passed more details about their relationship have come to light and here we reveal the truth about Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s Relationship.

How Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s Relationship Began

The genesis of Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s relationship can be traced back to their first meeting point at an apparel store in London. Not long after meeting, the two hit it off with a unique fondness for each other that carried on through the course of Mercury’s life. They met at a time when Mercury had just completed his art college studies. This was before he and others formed the Queen band long before they went on to create great music and the massive followership they were later known for.

Soon enough Mary Austin moved in with Mercury and became a part of Queen’s entourage, she took trips with the band and even worked for Mercury’s record company. Austin admitted in an interview that what had her so drawn to Mercury was his absolute confidence in himself and his abilities. She was yet to meet anyone so self-assured. She also revealed that she was almost the stark opposite in this regard, and her very humble background and upbringing may have had a lot to do with it.

The Proposal

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s Relationship was soon taken to the next level. As Queen rose in fame and fortune, Mercury would often bring Austin gifts and one day he brought her a box, the curious Austin opened it only to find a smaller box inside, upon opening that one, she found yet another one, just before writing it off as one of Mercury’s many quirks, she arrived at the final box which had a ring in it. Mercury thereafter asked her to marry him and she immediately said yes.

How Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s Relationship Ended

As time went on, their relationship slowly began to take a different turn. This was the middle of the 1980s, Queen and Mercury had become very famous. However, Mercury became increasingly absent and did not seem prepared to move forward with marriage plans even though he had proposed to Austin and she said yes.

The concerned Austin confronted him about his behaviour and he revealed to her that he was bisexual and had been having affairs with men. However, by Austin’s assessment, Mercury was not bisexual but totally gay. She promptly moved out of Mercury’s home but continued to work with his record company.

Austin went on to date and have two children by a painter named Piers Cameron. Mercury for his part continued to make music and live the rockstar lifestyle filled with drugs, alcohol and sexual encounters with numerous casual partners.

Even though the two had more or less gone their separate ways, Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury’s relationship remained platonic. They remained quite fond of each other and Austin was often seen hanging out with the band backstage at locations where they performed. The pair never got sexually involved with each other again, however, their relationship did grow.

From recent revelations, Mercury said he only ever truly loved Austin and that she was the only person he could completely trust. He also revealed before his death that he intended to leave her half of his estate, which he actually did.

What Happened After Mercury’s Passing

Mercury contracted HIV in 1987. At this point, there was just about no treatment for the virus and he continued to live with it until his demise in 1991 due to a complication with pneumonia connected to the AIDS disease he suffered. Austin was by his side. Austin inherited his famous mansion, Garden Lodge where she still lives and a large portion of his estate. He bequeathed the rest of his estate to his parents, younger sister, some domestic staff and his partner Jim Button. He had asked that his remains be cremated and Austin keep the ashes at an undisclosed location. She has since obliged.

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