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Followed by more than 10 million fans, Tammy Hembrow remains one of the most popular personalities on Instagram. The fitness blogger first garnered thousands of followers with pictures of her hot body. She subsequently developed a massive fan base as a result of her post-pregnancy workout and booty program. Hembrow has since spread her influence to other social media platforms and now sits atop an empire running into millions of dollars. Want to know more about this internet sensation? We have interesting tidbits about her.

10 Facts To Unravel Tammy Hembrow Beyond Social Media Persona

1. Tammy Hembrow is half Australian and half-Trinidadian

Tammy Hembrow was born on the 22nd of April 1994 in Australia. Her father is Australian while her mother is Trinidadian. Hembrow spent her formative years in rural Australia, as well as places such as Malaysia and Switzerland. By her accounts, she lived an unhealthy lifestyle in her teens and often smoked and drank. She later changed her ways and adopted the pattern of a healthy diet and regular workout. The results were amazing and she joined Instagram in 2013 to show off her hot body.

2. She is famous for her post-pregnancy workout

On joining Instagram, Hembrow garnered thousands of fans with her killer physique. She, however, gained viral attention after she started documenting her pregnancy journey in June 2014. The lady did not only share pictures of her pregnant body but also documented her post-pregnancy workout routine. She amazed fans with how quickly she bounced back to her original physique and her fame spread like wildfire. Hembrow now has 10 million followers on Instagram, as well as 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

3. She has a fitness app and clothing line

Tammy Hembrow is now an entrepreneur and sits atop a fitness empire comprising of a clothing line, Saski Collection, and a fitness app, Tammy Fit. Tammy Fit features video workouts and nutritionist-crafted meals while Saski collection features leggings, sports bras, crop tops, as well as Saski Mini. Hembrow’s business aptitude has fetched her several accolades, including 30th Top Young Entrepreneur of 2019 and the fashion design award at the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019.

4. She has two children

Tammy Hembrow previously dated Australian personal trainer, Instagram star and model, Reece Hawkins. The two commenced their relationship in 2014 and reigned as an Instagram power couple. They also welcomed two kids together namely Wolf (b. 2015) and Saski (b. 2016). Hembrow and Hawkins sadly broke up in June 2018 and the blogger clarified that there was no cheating involved. She also maintained that she was the one who initiated the breaking up.

5. She once admitted to using Photoshop

In November 2019, Hembrow admitted that she sometimes used the Photoshop app to alter her pictures. The Aussie blogger, however, maintained that she only used it for lightening her eyes or smoothening skin breakouts. She, however, never stoops as low as actually editing her body shape and as such, her physique remains real.

6. Tammy Hembrow has a swimwear line

In December 2019, Hembrow launched her swimwear line known as Saski Swim. The line features a collection of raunchy swimsuits that come in a variety of bright neon colours. The line is also an accommodating one and carries products for women of all sizes. It is not surprising that Hembrow has launched a swimwear line as she hails from the Gold Coast, an area of Australia that is traditionally known for its exotic beaches.

7. Tammy Hembrow is now dating a Canadian rapper

Hembrow is now in a relationship with budding Canadian rapper, Jahkoy Palmer. She and Palmer first started dating in June 2019 and broke up several times over the course of the year. The two are currently back together as they were spotted celebrating the 2020 New Year in Bali, Indonesia. Meanwhile, Hembrow’s ex, Reece Hawkins, is now dating American model and Instagram star, London Goheen. The pair commenced their relationship in September 2018.

8. She famously fainted at Kylie Jenner’s birthday bash

Hembrow is casual friends with the Kardashian clan and was invited to Kylie’s 21st birthday party in L.A. in 2018. She, however, collapsed during the course of the party and had to be stretchered out of the venue. This mishap made the already popular Aussie blogger even more famous. She later revealed that she collapsed as a result of exhaustion, jet lag, and drinking. According to her, she had gone without sleep for as much as 30 hours and struggled to stay awake during her hair and makeup sessions.

9. Her father is an actor

Hembrow hails from a family which includes her father, Mark, her mother, Nathalie, and sisters, Amy and Emilee. The Aussie blogger also has two half-sisters namely Ava and Starlet. Hembrow’s dad, Mark, is an actor as well as a musician. He has featured in several movies and TV series, including The Straits, Old School, Patrol Boat, Jonah, and GP. He has also played parts in several theatrical productions, including Paradise Regained, Springle, Fourth of July, and Rocky Horror Show.

10. She has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery

Some internet trolls have accused Hembrow of undergoing a butt lift in order to achieve her famous derriere. The Aussie star has, however, denied these allegations and does not take kindly to them. She maintains that she has not had any procedures done but relies on hard work to achieve her shape. According to Hembrow, she does weighted squats, as heavy as 60kg, to tone her butt. It is unlikely that this explanation will satisfy Hembrow’s detractors and as such, she may continue to be haunted by plastic surgery rumours.

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