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Tommy Sotomayor is the man African-American women love to hate for he has indeed given them a truckload of reasons to do so. The Arizona native gained fame for his YouTube channel Mr Madness where he vents his anger criticizing black women for many reasons from their craze for human hair to their inability to raise kids. An obvious men’s activist, Sotomayor is also described as a political and social commentator.

In April 2017, a petition circulated online bidding for Tommy to put down his videos perceived as emotionally hurtful to African-American women. The video cited “incalculable amounts of emotional, psychological and physical harm.”

Writers of the petition called on tech execs including Google/You-Tube’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin to become “responsible” and cease providing a platform for Tommy to “purposely denigrate and demean Black women and girls and Black people in general.”

However, the petition seemed to have failed as Sotomayor’s channel is still going strong with over 303,000 subscribers as of 2017.

Tommy Sotomayor Bio

Mr Controversy was born as Thomas Jerome Harris on December 11, 1975, in Georgia, Atalanta. He later relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he now resides, in Scottsdale.

Tommy’s journey to notoriety began in the summer of 2012 when he launched his YouTube Channel titled . On the channel, he posted satirical videos with weird titles like “15 Kids, 1 on the Way, No Man!”, “Gabrielle Union Says Dating D Wade Hurt Her Career,” and “Woman Gets Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy.” He also posted clips of black women fighting on the streets and the page quickly gained traction, propelling Tommy to fame.

Many believe that Tommy’s hate for black women was nursed by his baby mama who sent him to jail for his inability to pay child support for their daughter.

In his many videos, Tommy has blamed black women for black men becoming gays. Despite being black himself, Tommy is a heavy critic of the Black Lives Matter Movement referring to it as a “thug group.” Tommy has described the BLM protesters as ” retarded kids in the class”.

While it appears like Sotomayor has got more enemies than friends, his bid to air his views have, for the most part, been progressive.

CNN law enforcement analyst, Harry Houck who is also a retired NYPD detective, took to Twitter in July 2016, to promote one of Tommy’s videos where he said that the African-American community is responsible for most of the violent crimes in America. Sotomayor also declared in the video that Black people are more serious problems than guns. Houk concurred, stating that Mr. Madness “knows what he’s talking about!”

Tommy Sotomayor Wife, Daughter

As far as we can tell, Sotomayor has never been married. Ironically, he has two daughters from TWO baby mamas.

The first one (an African-American woman) who gave birth to their daughter named Sara threw him in jail for failure to pay child support. Since his fame, he has declined from giving too many details about them.

Tommy has been more public about his second baby mama and their daughter named Alex. He has filmed and posted many clips of her with him on his YouTube channel.

But that’s not all, Tommy is rumored to have multiple children including a .

Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth, House

To the dismay of many, Sotomayor has been able to effectively monetize from his many rants. In addition to his YouTube channel which has a lot of views and thus keeps bringing in cash from adverts, Sotomayor also owns a fairly popular website where he earns from the same means – ads.

He is the host of a radio show titled Your World, My Views. He has also expanded into film production with a film (Drugs & Other Love) at hand. Tommy also did a documentary titled, A Fatherless America.

With a net worth estimated at $2 Million, Sotomayor can afford the luxe of life. Take a look at his sleek mansion.

Tommy Sotomayor Instagram, Twitter

Sotomayor’s once-public Instagram account is . Also, catch up with him on Twitter .

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