Tony Toutouni Wiki, Net Worth and Wife, What Does He Do For a Living?

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‘Lunatic Living’, ‘King of Instagram’, ‘Instagram Playboy’ are some of the weird names Tony Toutouni popularly bears on his social media pages. He means different things to different people but above all, he is best known for his extravagant lifestyle, his love for women, and for showing off his wealth on both the internet and in real life.

A multi-millionaire whose personal life has been a subject of public interest, Toutouni started his journey to greatness as a retail car audio salesman. Today, apart from the fact he is wealthy, he also donates a huge sum of money to numerous charity homes. We have all the answers to questions bordering on Tony’s bio, his net worth, wife, and how he makes his money. Keep reading.

Tony Toutouni Biography

Tony TouTouni is an American nightclub entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity. He was reportedly born in Iran on 4th April 1981 and later moved to Kansas City, Missouri, in the United States with his family as a result of the 1979 ‘Islamic Revolution’ in Iran.

Shortly after they moved to Kansas City, his father got a job as a newscaster for Iranian television while his mom enrolled for her Ph.D. studies in the university. From Kansas, TouTouni and his family relocated to Los Angeles when he was seven years old.

What Does He Do For a Living?

In simple terms, Tony Toutouni buys and resells properties. He started making from a very young age. His first business was as a car stereo salesman, after which he opened a nightclub in Hollywood in his teens. Not long after the club was opened, people began patronizing it and Tony made so much money to the extent that he had enough to help him buy another one. He eventually did and also invested in other properties.

In a bid to strengthen his financial standing, Toutouni started investing in cars and real estate. He kept buying properties and reselling them until he finally hit the millionaire mark.

Since the flashy entrepreneur became a millionaire, he has continued to make more money from his wealth of business sources despite his extravagantly luxurious lifestyle.


Toutouni decided to give up his bachelor lifestyle in the year 2016 and eventually tied the knot with a young model called Juliann Nicole in the same year. Regardless of their lavish wedding ceremony, the two only spent twenty-eight days together as husband and wife before calling off their marital relationship.

The King of Instagram proposed Nicole with a 7-carat solitaire, losing over 35,000 followers who couldn’t believe his shocking proposal. Juliann, who is 17 years younger than Tony, is a real estate agent from Los Angeles. She met the flashy businessman for the first time coincidentally at a petrol station in 2013. Even though she rejected his advances initially, she eventually fell for his cash and charm after some time.

The pair dated on and off against the wishes of her family and friends until their marriage in 2016. Ever since they divorced, the model has been living in Huntington Beach, California with their child while Tony Toutouni has been taking their divorce in his stride without a new wife by his side. Their son, James, was born on 7th July 2017.

Net Worth

Tony Toutouni is popularly known for his penchant for fast cars, wild parties, photos of naked women, and money-filled briefcases which he often carries around.

Among other things, the King of Instagram owes a collection of flashy fast cars worth $1.5 million. They include a Lamborghini Aventador Spyder worth $420,000; a Bentley GTC worth $220,000; a Rolls Royce Ghost worth $335,000; a BMW i8 worth $165,000; as well as a Rolls Royce Dawn worth $390,000.

Tony also has a $4 million party yacht, a private jet worth $3 million, as well as numerous properties in Los Angeles, including a home in Hollywood Hills and a condo and penthouse in Beverly Hills. The thrill seeker also wears six-figure watches and spends lots of cash hosting parties for half-clad women. In 2014, he shocked his fans when he announced that he has insured his middle finger for a whopping $7 million.


Toutouni, who has been working so hard to steal the crown from his closest rival (the current King of Instagram title holder, Dan Bilzerian) is worth $75 million.

As a philanthropist, the online influencer has been involved in several charity courses. In 2013, the money he presented to William Holdings National Kids Stay Safe Program was used to sponsor underprivileged children in martial arts schools in southern California and to provide free karate lessons to them.

In December 2015, Toutouni also donated more than 200 toys to some kids living in some underdeveloped areas in Los Angeles.

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