Harrow TV Show – 6 Facts About ABC’s Tale of the Unorthodox Forensic Pathologist 

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Harrow is an Australian TV show which is centered on a forensic pathologist named Dr. Daniel Harrow who will go to any length to reveal the truth about what really happened to anyone who ends on his table. He does not have any regard for the law; only for the truth, no matter what it will cost him. The ABC drama series premiered in March 2018 and by May 2019, it was back for a second season. With the third season still being awaited, here is all to know about the ABC Harrow TV show:

Facts About ABC’s Harrow TV Show

1. Plot

One of the best shows in Australia, Harrow TV show tells the story of Dr. Harrow, a man who has so much empathy for the dead that he will go far to determine what really caused their deaths and in the process, he ends up solving cases that at first appear impossible.

At the same time, he has so many secrets to cover in addition to the fact that he cuts both personal and professional corners and bends the rules until he gets results.

2. The cast of Harrow TV Show

A creation of Stephen M. Irwin & Leigh McGrath, the show has some very interesting actors and actresses as its casts. The lead character, Dr. Daniel Harrow is portrayed by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd. The show revolves almost entirely about him.

Others are Mirrah Foulkes who takes the role of Sergeant Soroya Dass, who plays Simon Van Reyk, Anna Lise Phillips playing Stephanie Tolson, and Darren Gilshenan who appears as Lyle Fairley. Damien Garvey, Ella Newton, Hunter Page-Lochard, Robyn Malcolm, Tony Barry, and Jolene Anderson are other cast members of the show.

3. It has been renewed for a third season

With the second season done with, Harrow season 3 is expected to maintain the same timeline as the two before it by coming in 2020. For those who have followed the previous seasons, it is not surprising that it has been renewed for another season considering that the second came to an end with a cliff-hanger as the life of Harrow is in danger and what is after him is still out there.

Episodes for Harrow TV show third season will begin to be shot in November in Brisbane as well as throughout South East Queensland. In the third season, a young man claiming to be the son of the unorthodox forensic pathologist winds up dead. Harrow is all out to find out the truth behind the young man only to get caught in the world of dangerous criminal activities and those he loves are now targets.

4. Reception of Harrow TV Show

Since Harrow TV show began, Harrow has enjoyed a good reception both in Australia where it all began as well as in other parts of the world where it is accessed. On IMDb, the show has a 7.5 rating in 10 while on Rotten Tomatoes it has a 92% rating although it has not been reviewed by many people.

It was nominated for Australia’s Logie Award for Outstanding Drama series. That said, the average viewership for each season has not been made available.

5. Ioan Gruffudd is set to direct the third season

Needless to say, Ioan Gruffudd has already established himself as a star of the show as well as an actor. He has appeared in many shows that are very successful.

Ahead of the third season of the Harrow TV show, it has been reported that not only is he returning to take his role of Dr. Harrow as expected, but he is also making his move into becoming a director in the crime series.  Having made appearances in productions such as Fantastic 4 and Forever, he will direct an episode of the show which is set for release in Australia in 2020 as well as in other places that have access to it and on streaming platforms.

6. Fans can stream it on Hulu

Originally a Disney’s international TV production, Harrow is available for U.S audiences on Hulu. The Australian drama became a success in the country before it got a deal in the UK where it is aired on UKYV’s Alini channel. With Harrow TV show’s continuous success, ABC Studios International got a deal for the distribution of the crime drama series in the United States on Hulu since 2018.

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