Under The Knife; The Chronicles Of Blake Lively

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Whether we like it or not the world is a superficial place and Hollywood is it’s capital. Every impossible body image and standard has been peddled through it’s doors. That’s why it’s very common for celebrities to have a little work done here and there. It’s actually a norm, so in that vein, let’s check out Blake Lively’s nose job and any other enhancements she may have gotten along the way.

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Blake Lively’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Unlike so many before and after her that have gone a little bit over board with the notion that you can change your appearance with a little nip and snip, the star has not really done much to alter her appearance. The actress has had a few minor cosmetic surgery procedures and it’s time to check them out.

Blake Lively’s Nose Job

It is more than obvious that the star had a little work done on her nose, any one of her before and after pictures can show you that. She has never addressed the issue in acceptance or denial, but let’s face it. we have eyes. Most  of her old photos show the star with a fatty and round nose. To achieve a more sophisticated look, the star opted for a rhinoplasty.

If you need more proof of Blake Lively’s nose job, just check out the distance between her eyebrows, it has drastically changed. Most people would agree that not only does Blake Lively’s nose look better now, it’s definitely a better fit for her face as a whole.

It did not happen overnight though, in order for her to achieve the look she has today the actress had to undergo a number of rhinoplastys, so Blake Lively’s nose was definitely not built in a day. There was sort of a gradual change in her entire nose structure.

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Blake Lively’s Eyelid Surgery

Yeah, it’s a thing, Blake got her eyelids tweaked a wee bit to give her the look she desired. Her eyelids were very hooded and she often had to compensate for that by adding lots of eye shadow.

If you take a close look at her before and after pictures you will notice that they just look less heavy and her eyes more open now.

Blake Lively’s Boob Job

You do not need a time machine to go back in time to check out her former breast size, the pictures say it all. The rumors of her breast enlargement were first heard in 2007 after a CW Gossip Girl Launch party. It is so obvious, her breasts were more on the tiny side in the past.

Well she was wise not to make them too big for her form, she picked a size that would not make a caricature out of her lovely frame. In fact she did not really increase the size of her breasts that much, but the shape of the implants gave her away.

Blake Lively’s Butt Implants

This one is a bit tricky as it is closer to rumor than it is to the truth. It was a big deal for a while, her fans and haters alike were all in on it. There were a few pictures that even suggested that the star got a little booty lift. Well, like all the other surgeries she has been accused of getting, the star has nothing to say about this one.

It could just be a really good and thorough work out plan, the good life, or both of them in action. In other booty related news, Blake ticked off the black community in a big way … by captioning a picture of her bodacious behind ‘Blake Lively LA face with an Oakland booty’.

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