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In the very simplest of descriptions, Valentina Shevchenko is a professional ‘ass-kicker’. She has been interested in combat sports since she was a kid and has grown into one of the most influential fighters of her time. Shevchenko fights as a Muay Thai kickboxer, a mixed martial artist and as a boxer. In July 2018, she was the highest ranked woman in the flyweights division of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). She has been named the world champion at least 17 times in her career.

Valentina Shevchenko’s Bio

As her surname has already given away, Valentina, born Valentina Anatolievna Shevchenko on the 7th of March 1988 in the then USSR Frunze, Kirghizia is of Ukranian descent. Her surname is one of the most popular in the country. Valentina and her family had to flee Ukraine as a result of Stalin’s Communist rule – Ukraine is now an independent country. However, Shevchenko holds the dual nationality of Kyrgyz and Peruvian. She had moved to Peru with her sister and lives there to this day in the nation’s capital of Lima.

Shevchenko’s passion for combat began when she was just a little girl. At 5 years old, she was already training in taekwondo and about 7 years later, she branched into Muay Thai kickboxing before dabbling in freestyle Vale Tudo. Valentina’s star shone very brightly even before she got to her teens. At the age of 12, she knocked-out a 22-year-old opponent.

Pavel Fedotov, her longtime trainer named her Bullet due to her fighting style which is primarily known as counter-striking. Valentina has mastered the technique of dodging her opponent’s strike, only to hit back with a high speed and intensity, thus, the nickname Bullet. Over the years, Valentina has had an incredible career as a kickboxer and has been named one of the world’s best female Muay Thai fighters.

As a Muay Thai fighter, she beat many future UFC fighters including Joanna Jędrzejczyk whom she beat thrice and Lina Länsberg. Valentina won 8 gold medals in the in the IFMA world championships from 2003 to 2015. In pro kickboxing, she has lost just one match which was against Wang Cong in 2015.

After Shevchenko left Muay Thai, she focused on Mixed Martial arts, joining America’s UFC in 2016. She has recorded amazing stats since making her debut.

Valentina Shevchenko holds a bachelor’s degree in Film Directing from the University of Arts Kyrgystan. When she is done beating people to a pulp, Shevchenko could turn to the film aspect of her life. She is fluent in Spanish and Russian.

Family, Sister

Shevchenko’s love for combat can be traced to her mother Elena who was a well-respected taekwondo fighter. Her older sister Antonina took over from their mother so Valentina grew up influenced by the two most important women in her life. Antonina who was born on November 20, 1984, is also a fighter in the UFC. She made her MMA debut in 2002 but took a 12-year break before returning in 2017. Like Valentina, Antonina was trained by Pavel Fedotov and they both fight with the Southpaw stance.



Since fighting got Valentina Shevchenko popular, many have become interested in what goes on in her personal life. However, to the frustration of those interested in whom the fighter might be dating at the moment, Shevchenko keeps her romantic life very private. Many female fighters are known to be homosexual but it isn’t clear in Shevchenko’s case with regards to what her sexual orientation might be.

It looks like the fighter would rather keep that information to herself. Most pro athletes usually take to social media to post about their relationships, so, we took a trip to spy on Shevchenko and our results showed no evidence that Shevchenko was in any relationship. We will just have to wait until the day she decides to take her fans to that part of her life. For now, the person who might be Valentina Shevchenko’s boyfriend is still unknown to the public.

Height, Weight

Shevchenko is very athletic and never seems to be out of shape, thanks to the frequent work out sessions she has been into. The pro fighter stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches which is about 1.65 m. Her weight measures in at 57 kg, the equivalent of 125 lbs.

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