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It is no longer news that many stars are emerging from what can be termed the non-traditional media outlets in our time. Gone are the days when celebrities are mainly those whose work put them on the television screen, radio stations or the print media. More and more people are becoming persons of substance by first having a presence on social media and secondly, doing and sharing something remarkable in their platform of choice. Often times, such platforms are mainly Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or Snapchat. Vandy Jaidenn is one such celebrity whose platform to fame is Instagram.

Her story is a remarkable one because, for one thing, you can see that she is a pretty young girl but has achieved what a lot of girls older than her have not even made an attempt at. Find out below all there is to know about her past, present and where she is headed to.

Vandy Jaidenn – Bio

The social media personality let off her first infant cry after she was born in the United States on July 22, 2004. Her mother is Terrah Jade and she has as her siblings; an elder brother named Kyson and a younger one named Pax. There has not been much mention about her father; what his name is, where he is, what he does and whether or not he is present in his kids’ life. Be that as it may, Vandy Jaidenn seems to be doing just fine.

Considering her age, Vandy will most likely still be in school, and yes we have ascertained that she is a student. In an interview, she had with Everly Mag, a digital publication and media website for teens, Jaidenn when asked to say something she wants people to know about her disclosed that she loves school and has always loved it since her 1st grade. This then goes to say that unlike other celebrity teens like her, she is not homeschooled but rather attends a conventional school where she interacts with fellow students.

While in 5th grade, Vandy Jaidenn casually started what has turned into a burgeoning career. She started off with doing OOTDs [outfit of the day] and fashion-type stuff. In the course of time, she began drawing inspiration from other fashion bloggers which spiced up her good vintage, boho-ish fashion pictures which she posted on Instagram. In doing this, her followers began to surge because for one thing, her fashion style is unique and for another thing, her pictures show that she has put in lots of thoughts in combining the clothes she wore.

Vandy Jaidenn has since then distinguished herself as one of the go-to persons when it comes to teen fashion. She has modeled for so many brands and has as well been featured in many fashion publications. One of such which you should readily remember is Big City Kids Magazine.

It is very likely that Vandy Jaidenn will continue in this career path as she grows. Seeing how successful she has been since the past few years she started, it is probable that what we have seen her achieve so far is just a tip of the iceberg.

Everything To Know About The Instagram Star

Blog – We’re So Fancy

The Instagram star is also a contributor on the fashion blog We’re So Fancy. Her mother Terrah Jade and her friend Khia Lopez’s mother began the blog after they discovered that there weren’t many teen-focused fashion inspirations around. Vandy Jaidenn soon started contributing to the blog following the successes she was recording with her teen fashion pictures on Instagram.

Career Outlook

Vandy Jaidenn has it all planned out already. She hopes to see her self as a top fashion blogger in the future. She is motivated that she can attain this feat seeing the successes the likes of Sincerely Jules, Tash Oakley, and Camila Coehlo have all recorded. In addition to this, she also hopes to diversify into travel blogging and be at the top of both niches.



The teen celebrity is loved by her fans and followers for many reasons. One of such is the interaction she has with them on her Instagram handle {}. She is not one of such celebrities that are too busy to engage with their fans, little wonder the number of followers she has steadily keeps on increasing.

In case you are wondering if you can reach out to her, Vandy Jaidenn likes people that are genuine, share the same values with her and push her to do better. She also likes people with a good sense of humor with whom she will have fun memories. These also goes vice versa.

Vandy Jaidenn is an Instagram star who is blazing the trail when it comes to teen fashion inspirations. Find out here, how she started her career, what…

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