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Long before the household names we’ve come to know today, actresses such as Verna Bloom once held sway in Hollywood. Though aged, she still remains a fond part of the entertainment fraternity.

Here’s a concise account of her biography, family and other facts of her life.

Verna Bloom Biography

Born on the 7th of August, 1939, Verna Bloom is an American actress who was raised in Massachusetts in a small town named Lynn. She attended Boston University where she graduated with a BFA from the institution’s School of Fine Arts.

She and every member of her family are of Jewish Ashkenazi descent, prior to her becoming a big-time actress, she furthered her education in Theatre arts at the HB Studio in the City of New York. She was at the peak of her career between the 60’s and late 80’s when she starred in numerous movies in Hollywood.

Before Verna Bloom blossomed on the big stage, she began her career as earlier mentioned in the mid-1960’s appearing in plays, she only rose to prominence and fame when she played the character of an assassin Charlotte Corday in the Broadway production Marat/Sade in the year 1967. Her big acting break came in the movie Medium Cool which was shot in 1969 after which she made noticeable appearances in Street Scenes in 1970, The Hired Hand in 1971 and Badge 373 in 1973.

She rose to international prominence when she co-starred in Clint Eastwood’s 1973 film, High Plains Drifter. The movie was produced by Robert Daley in a motion production collaboration that merged Malpaso Company and Universal Pictures. Verna Bloom plays the role of  Sarah Belding the wife of a local hotel owner Lewis Belding (Ted Hartley).

The following year, she took it up a notch in the made-for-TV-movie Where Have All the People Gone? Alongside Kathleen Quinlan and Peter Graves. The movie was a pacesetter in the sense that it was one of the earliest science fiction movies to be shot at the time. The theme of travelers caught up in a natural disaster that triggered the end of the human race was surely a leap into new frontiers at the time. Verna Bloom played the role of Jeny, a woman rescued by Steven Anders (Peter Graves) and his two sons.

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Verna Bloom also did play the role of Mary the mother of Jesus, in the movie titled The Last Temptation of Christ.

She also played the role of Marion Wormer in Animal House in the year 1978. The movie was a major commercial success. As at 1978, the movie had a production cost of $2.8 million but went on to record astronomical profits after it announced an estimated gross of  $141 million. This figure was hit mostly from merchandising and rentals. A huge feat at the time.

Her Marriage and Family Life

Verna Bloom has been married for a very long time, she married the very popular American screenwriter Jay Cocks, the couple has been married for over four decades. They tied the Knot on the 15th of July 1972. We do not know of their children because till date there has been no record of any children from the union. Remarkably, there has not been any whisperings of divorce or any scandal whatsoever. Their marital longevity is a real joy to behold.

Quick Facts You Need To Know About Verna Bloom

1. On Verna’s first date with her future husband, scriptwriter Jay Cocks, the movie they saw was titled Duet for Cannibal, a Susan Sontag movie.

2. According to some sources, her net worth has seen an astronomical increase in 2018 and currently stands at about $13 million, this net worth includes and combines stocks, properties and luxury goods which include private airplanes and Yachts’.

3. As regards her online presence, she is inactive on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is said that her age is why she’s absent online.

4. Verna has stared in over 35 movies and theater productions during her heydays. Some of her notable works include Badge 373, Playing For Time, The Hired Hand, Contract On Cherry Street, After Hours, Tell Them Who You Are.

5. There are a lot of individuals who enjoy peddling rumors about the sexual orientation of celebrities. There have been rumors about Verna’s sexuality, no available information online is credible enough to conclude that she is bisexual or lesbian.

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